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ScottWelker ScottWelker
  • This is why nobody likes you WMP...

    @figuerres: Yep! I'm now VERY careful not to spend any of my hard earned $$ on anything DRM'd.

    I've touched that hot stove already. Never again!!

  • When is it best to start a new file in a VS project?

    ++ @Herbie and @blowdart

    1 class per file - generally. Break the rule when it makes sense Smiley In addition to the rationale already given, it eases team work - especially if your source control employs a "Lock model".

    @Maddus LOL you kill me Smiley

  • Great C# Forum

    Most welcome. Have fun Big Smile

  • Great C# Forum

    How about the Visual C# Developer Center's Forum? I haven't participated in awhile but they used to have an active, helpful community. Probably still do.

    Right here is good too, of course Smiley


  • Scanner Mouse!

    @Bas/@Sven: Find it and put 'er on eBay Wink

  • Scanner Mouse!

    @Bas: Ha! I evaluated this guy back in the day. Neat but not really functional Smiley

  • IE9 copy & paste removes line returns

    ... on a slightly related note, I found this little utility that eases my copy/paste woes - especially for SharePoint Wiki documentation.

    PureText 2.0 - may just prevent me from getting carpal tunnel Smiley

    Wish it could override Ctl+V instead of Windows+V but... still handy!!

  • Can you quasi dogfood?

    @davewill: "Can you quasi dogfood?"

    Absolutely. Yes! However, it requires a good understanding of what the user is doing and why they are doing it (customer's problem/opportunity domain) - good analysis and quality requirements management are an essential first step. Clearly it will take more than that but, without this I think you're dead in the water - unless you have one or two project "heroes" who can compensate :-/

    If you haven't seen it, check out Managing Software Requirements. THIS IS NOT A Bible... or stepwise check-list that guarantees success. It's merely a collection of good ideas and techniques - some of which may or may not apply to your precise circumstances.

    Best of luck!

  • HP Takes a hit on WebOS

    "...HP is aiming to exit the consumer business — or at least quarantine those operations"

    From the perspective of a disillusioned, once fanatically supportive, customer, it seems they executed this business unit so poorly that this was inevitable. Too bad HP blackened both their eyes before recognizing their mistake :-/

  • At cross road.

    @Dr Herbie: Well said! I would also caution that it's easy to lose all sense of the forest when you're down in the trees.

    I had a dire sense that MS and .Net was on the wane because of a couple of engagements where clients refused to remain current with MS tools/technologies (especially MSDN subscriptions). However, I have renewed enthusiasm and optimism with a simple job change.

    @figuerres / @spivonious: Always good to know more Smiley I've found past UNIX experience invaluable even though I've not worked in it (or much Linux) in quite some time.