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ScottWelker ScottWelker
  • Microsoft Application Architecture Guide, 2nd Edition

    Hey Thanks! Can't beat that price Wink

  • CSV needs a ​replacement.​..

    PaoloM said:
    Bass said:

    Bass, are you crazy? 


    And missing the opportunity to invent another incompatible format?




  • ORA-01460: ​unimplement​ed or unreasonable conversion requested

    spivonious said:

    That's an Oracle error. So it's something on the database side of things.

    Yep... perhaps this may be of some help: http://www.dba-oracle.com/t_ora_01460_unimplemented_or_unreasonable_conversion_requested.htm

  • curly bracket placement thread

    Sabot said:
    Hey I'm a column man just cos I'm old and my eyes don't work so well.

    I'm with you Sabot - column - but I gave up my strong opinion long ago. I go with whatever my client prefers.

  • DDOB (Distributed Denial of Budget Attack) to Cloud IDEA

    figuerres said:
    staceyw said:



    and I would say that yes, much of this *MUST* be in the system for it to be worth developing with / for.


    and i would expect the provider to be willing to see a log and agree to take it off the bill if i was not at-fault and treat it like any other case of netowork abuse / hacking etc... and be willing to work with me in taking the issue to the proper authorities if the case merits that.


    any provider that did not treat it that way would not be getting my business for very long.


    *IF* most developers and businesses do that then the providers will work that way or go out of business. that will prove the concept as valid or not in short order.


  • DDOB (Distributed Denial of Budget Attack) to Cloud IDEA

    staceyw said:
    figuerres said:

    Actually, I have had same concerns.  Unless your sitting watching accounting all the time, you may not find out about some expensive DOS until after the fact (i.e. after the bill comes).  It is an open check book.  For a mid-size business, this could be a small distraction.  For a small business, it could mean no payroll that month.    They may have it already, but you need a "Do not exceed" limit on each user for compute, bandwidth, and disk *and a master do not exceed limit (i.e. stop limit), and some progressive warnings via email.  Mr. Bad can come in via many different IPs also.  An SSL cert on the server does not help.  You would need to restrict via Client certs to allow only xyz clients which would be a pain to manage.  

    "you need a "Do not exceed" limit on each user for compute, bandwidth, and disk *and* a master do not exceed limit (i.e. stop limit), and some progressive warnings via email."


    Absolutely agree. I'm just beginning to explore Azure and have this very concern. Sure you can - eventually - detect and act on such an attack but I worry that for many small customers, that may be too late. Reminds me of my first cell phone bill for one of my children :-0


    Without this, I am hesitant to recommend the service to small-sized customers.


  • Remote Desktop and Vista Home Premium

    .."just realized that Remote Desktop isn't part of the OS"

    Are you sure? I often use it from my Vista Home Premium laptop. I don't recall doing anything to get it :-/


    Ahh... see WisePCUser's reply...

  • Posting in IE6 is hell on earth.

    OMG, I was just going to post on this very topic: Kill IE6 campaign gains force.


    In my present engagement, I was forced to abandon FireFox to author SharePoint Wiki Library pages. Fortunately, I found sufficient IE7/8 add-ons (IE7Pro mostly) to make it acceptable. However, yesterday I had to uninstall IE8, uninstall IE7, and uninstall the add-ons, reverting to IE6 so that I can work on an OLD IE6 only web application :-/ Now I have to learn the odd little tricks used to force the IE6 app. to work. <groan>


    I've setup a VM (VMWare Server) where I run IE8 (with the add-ons) so that I can switch over to do my SharePoint Wiki Library documentation. What a royal pain.


    While I understand a company's financial incentive to delay their browser upgrades. Market permitting, I'm going to charge a premium for working in IE6 - or refuse the work all together (I hope).

  • Netflicks and Windows Media Center

    Dan said:
    JeremyJ said:

    I just got a Netflix subscription, the 1 DVD at-a-time subscription and unlimited streaming.

    We have an Xbox 360 in our living room and we just got a Roku in our bedroom for streaming Netflix videos. The Roku works great, super easy to setup, wireless and smart enough to detect your connection speed. If you want NetFlix on a regular TV, definitely check out the Roku.

    ...and streaming Netflix to the Xbox 360 / HDTV also works well. LOVE it.

  • Happy B-Day COBOL (belated)

    A day late but, COBOL Turns 50. I've done way more COBOL than I'd care to admit :-/

    I thought this was note worthy... Oh the late night Pizza and Coke... or Bob, if you're out there, Coke and a Smoke Smiley