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ScottWelker ScottWelker
  • Home Automation with .NET

    I sure thought a "this week" episode covered this but after ~60 seconds of searching I can't find it :-/

  • A visual editor for MSBuild

    AFO said:
    Good idea!!!!

    I'm going to download it.
    Ditto, i.e. good idea!

    I can't live without my PowerShellAnalyzer. I'll have to give this a whirl too. Thanks!!

  • I went back to Internet Explorer from Firefox

    magicalclick said:
    ScottWelker said:
    Haha, I turned it off. Only spell check and tab tweak I liked.
    WHAT! Turned off mouse gestures!!  Blasphemer Smiley

  • Can you script a drive map logon when you boot up?

    ZippyV said:
    Harlequin said:
    Sure, just set the extension to .cmd
    Of course you'll then either have your username/password stored in plain text or, you'll have to type it in each time.
    ....still... easier than mapping manually each time.

  • I went back to Internet Explorer from Firefox

    magicalclick said:
    You can download IEpro for spell check. It has a lot of other stuff, but myself only use spell check and the tab control. The tab control is really cool for me. All address/search you enter will result in a new tab and double click tab will close tab. I can't go back anymore.
    ...and... IE7Pro gives you mouse gestures! Nice!

    However, I still primarily use FireFox. Mouse gestures and tabs won me over but the can't-live-without add-ons keep me hooked, e.g. WikiLook and FlashBlock to name a few. Of course I haven't given the latest IE a fair shake - yet.

  • Anyone *really* using SharePoint 2007 Wiki?

    barconati said:
    GaryW said:
    Yeah. I think their goal is to have 'good enough' wiki but then partner with folks like us (Atlassian) to connect to a full fledged wiki like Confluence.
    I see the bait barconati - SharePoint Connector. Might be back in a month or so to taste it Smiley)

  • Anyone *really* using SharePoint 2007 Wiki?

    GaryW said:
    You're not missing anything. It is universally awful.
    Microsoft's take is that they weren't trying to create a best of breed, just something sort of Wiki like. I wish they hadn't bothered and had spent the money on licensing a real wiki.

    As much as I've tried, I cannot find a single redeeming feature.
    I understand and share your disappointment. However, in my present engagement, the client has a significant SharePoint investment/infrastructure. With IE as the browser, SharePoint Wiki seems minimally adequate. We are very likely to transition from FlexWiki.

    I must note my surprise that there is no warning when you try to use an unsupported browser. I nearly concluded SharePoint Wiki was not usable. In a perfect world, I would have had proper preparation before making a snap judgment. In the real world, I was just pointed to it and asked... can we use it? I almost said no :-/

  • Anyone *really* using SharePoint 2007 Wiki?

    What am I missing?

    Does not work with FireFox. In IE, things are greatly improved.
    Withholding judgment. Might be a workable Wiki after all - If I give up FireFox for IE.

  • Anyone *really* using SharePoint 2007 Wiki?

    I'd appreciate hearing from those using the SharePoint 2007 Wiki. How is that working for you and, what is your prior Wiki experience?

    Although I've spent all of about 10 minutes with it, I am underwhelmed. It seems authored content is purely HTML. The help facilities take me to context insensitive information that, if it contains useful information, is too labyrinthine to be useful.

    Having considerable MediaWiki and FlexWiki authoring experience, I am about to conclude that SharePoint Wiki is no Wiki at all. The central tenant" of Wiki is quick and easy. Authoring and organizing content purely in HTML doesn't really fit the bill.

    What am I missing?

  • quick poll: C9 takes forever to load: yes/no

    Bas said:
    Sven Groot said:
    I personally don't really care about the speed and the amounts of requests, because it usually feels adequate for me. But in terms of usability, I'd really like to see these get fixed. I doubt this'll happen in v4, but who knows, maybe v5 will make those points irrelevant.
    Ditto - it usually feels adequate for me.