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ScottWelker ScottWelker
  • Microsoft Edge browser problem fixed

    , figuerres wrote


    ...early builds of edge were buggy but recent builds have been fine for me with  hitting a lot of different sites.

    Yea, I should reevaluate it. I've been refusing to support it but I can't get away with that for too long :-/

  • Annoying "Get W10" updates

    , elmer wrote

    ... the IT guys responsible for this need to be sacked.

    Seriously, you have a mission-critical broadcast device, and you can't be bothered configuring the 2 registry settings to ensue this won't happen ?

    I'll grant you that in THIS specific case there is little doubt technical expertise was engaged and that they failed.

    However, in the wild, REAL WORLD SMBs (small to medium businesses) often do not have the luxury of having IT guys who can be sacked for choosing the wrong technology - or for failing to consider/test and account for such unforeseen issues. Even when SMBs do have the luxury, IT or contract individuals may not be engaged or properly enabled/funded to do the job according to MS 'Ivory Tower' demands.

    Sure you can blame the business or its IT or consultants. However, the lesson for the business is often - and increasingly - that the technology (Windows or the device) is untrustworthy.

  • Microsoft Edge browser problem fixed

    Seriously? The router?

    Hummm... I thought the Edge browser was a complete fail. Almost every site I tried failed. Never occurred to me the problem might be elsewhere...

    Any further details? (I'll Google this later when I have time).

    Thanks for the heads-up.

  • Annoying "Get W10" updates

    , TheTraveler wrote

    @Ray7: I believe this thread is about Elmers domain joined pc's

    Perhaps but "The real question is why do I need a controlled deployment set up just to avoid intrusive marketing." seems valid and relevant.

    My present client has large Windows powered displays in all our conference rooms. The incessant "Get Windows 10" messages that must actively be dismissed - over and over again - grows, very, very old. Give it a rest already...

    Yes! Yes! I know! There are a 1/2 dozen ways the client could ameliorate this. I get it. Do you?

  • Real Programmers write their own tools ... ?

    Frequently but, mostly scripting...

    • PS Utility to condense two disparate but similar web sites into a unified site. Accessed SCC, ran configurable (RegEx) conversions (by type Source/SQL/etc.). I've reused/re-purposed this gem many times, e.g. to rip through Wiki content making desired uniform changes.
    • PS Utility to exercise thrid-party Web Service to extract and transform data that was too painful to acquire via the product's UI.
    • PS Utility to create/restore SQL Server DBs - respecting the server's configured file locations (transforming the embedded .bak file's locations).
    • Sh/Bash scripts to extract, transform, and load data into Oracle DBs.
    • Excel/VBA utility to exercise third-party (Office) plugin to extract and transform data that was too painful to acquire via the plugin's Excel interface.
    • Delphi (Pascal) utility to reverse source into a Rational Rose Model - before such a thing was readily available in the marketplace. Later tossed in favor of a superior commercial product (Rose/Delphi Link - I think).
    • ... and many I've used, tossed, and forgotten :)

    (Edit: And, countless build/deploy and Backup type utilities/scripts.)

  • Announcing SQL Server on Linux

    , figuerres wrote


    ...there are a lot of tech folks who do not want windows servers and if they see a way to dump them they will push for that.

    Amen brother!

    I have some AWS EC2 Windows Server 2012 instances I manage remotely. Sometimes the "Windows key" works but all too often I am relegated to trying to precisely position my mouse pointer in the lower right-hand corner... there... just right... NOPE! Got the !@#$@!# Server Manager again! What a colossally bad UX. I know I can fiddle with Remote Desktop settings but they don't seem to persist :-/

  • Announcing SQL Server on Linux

    Nice! Love it. Thanks for highlighting it.

  • bing vs google search, google wins

    , figuerres wrote

    Wow over the last few months I have been trying to use bing.

    Result, google is better at many really simple searches for keywords.

    Bing fails.

    @figuerres: Anecdotally, I must concur. I gave up on Bing some time ago. When I tried to use it routinely, ~2 years ago, far too often it gave results that simply did not help. Google by contrast - perhaps because of my familiarity with its search syntax - nearly always had exactly what I was seeking within the first 5 or fewer results. Google's search is somehow intuitive while found it difficult to dial in my search with Bing.

    FWIW: This IS coffee house. Anecdotes are fine - IMHO.

    EDIT This may explain my experience: kettch wrote:

    Another thing to take into account is that these search engines learn a lot about you and the types of results you might be interested in.

  • Retro-​Encabulator


    I swear I've had to sit through this product demo - multiple times ;)

  • MS buying Xamarin


    ...with a try catch just in case that's an integer overflow ;)