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ScottWelker ScottWelker
  • Wow, killing off TechNet is stupid

    , kettch wrote

    @ScottWelker: There's been billing caps for quite a long time. I remember turning them on when I activated my MSDN benefits at least a year ago.


    Great! But the opportunity, for me, passed. Too late Sad

  • any other niners on facebook?

    Yep but, I keep it personal. LinkedIn for business.

  • Wow, killing off TechNet is stupid

    , spivonious wrote

    @ScottWelker: MSDN Pro is $1200, $800 renewal and gets you Windows, VS, TFS, SQL Server, and $50 of Azure per month.

    It does start getting crazy with Premium ($6120) and Ultimate ($13,300), but unless you need the extra features and Dynamics/SharePoint, the pro level is fine.

    Close but Pro comes up just a bit short for my needs.

    And, a parting thought, I tried REALLY hard to justify an Azure solution but inability to cap charges (can't have a customer get a big bill because some fool abused/attached their site) made it unacceptable. Perhaps billing policies have changed but, too late (for me).

    OK. Enough! I'm out until I have something nice to say... Visual Studio (2010), .Net and C#, and SQL Server are GREAT!!

  • Wow, killing off TechNet is stupid

    , cheong wrote


    ... I'm puzzled why Microsoft took SharePoint away from the Pro package..

    I'm puzzled as to why MS feels they can so alienate those of us who have helped build the systems and software that helped make them such a great success. But, alas, enough whining already. It's just not becoming. Moving on.

  • Chromecast

    I'm in! VERY cool and inexpensive. I must have one Smiley

  • Wow, killing off TechNet is stupid


    , ScottWelker wrote


    Priced out of reach but, in all honesty, I've stopped trying to follow the myriad subscription gyrations. I don't keep an attorney on retainer :-/ 

    ( Note to self - see whether MSDN, at some subscription level, is a cost effective option. )

    On cursory review, $6,000.00 to $13,000 is just too steep for me personally to carry. End of evaluation but, I may pitch it again to a customer.

  • Wow, killing off TechNet is stupid

    , Bass wrote

    I would say JavaEE is still very huge in big business type work. While Python/Ruby/node.js is what the cool kids are using in web technology. You can find a ton of work with either regardless.

    The Spring Framework has a huge following in the enterprise these days too, and it's kinda I would say a bridge between the enterprise and the hipster technology spheres. (IE: it brings modern ideas to Java). It does have a decent learning curve though, but the learning curve is not nearly as huge as JavaEE proper.

    Spring, like JavaEE, is designed to help build complicated multi-system applications (think: SOA) not just web apps though, although it is a significant part of it. The Spring Tool Suite is a pretty decent IDE if you are going Spring but it's not really required (some people swear by IntelliJ).

    But if you can wave all that complexity away and use node.js and MongoDB - more power to you. Smiley As I said, you can find tons of work with either, but you're going to work with 20 somethings with t-shirts and shorts instead of middle aged people wearing suits.

    Thanks Bass! Good info. much appreciated. Spring is on my list of things to evaluate.

  • Wow, killing off TechNet is stupid

    , spivonious wrote


    Why is MSDN effectively lost?

    Priced out of reach but, in all honesty, I've stopped trying to follow the myriad subscription gyrations. I don't keep an attorney on retainer :-/ 

    ( Note to self - see whether MSDN, at some subscription level, is a cost effective option. )

  • Telemetry !

    , BitFlipper wrote

    ... I lost interest at Windows 8 and unless they fix it properly I'll keep on losing interest. The fact that MS is losing interest in their own technologies isn't helping either.

    ..the part I need to interact with 98% of the time has been broken beyond recognition and I struggle to see how this is in any way a better outcome than if they instead just built upon everything they got right in Windows 7

    .. bad case of Apple Envy, decide to instead become a consumer company by selling shiny baubles to the public just like Apple does

    ...they forgot to provide any sort of roadmap to businesses - the very thing that made them hugely successful.

    For someone that used to be exited about all sorts of MS technologies this is really depressing,

    ... I stopped caring when I saw where this was headed.

    Amen brother. Amen.

    You reading my mind? Wink

  • Wow, killing off TechNet is stupid

    It seems noteworthy that in the past (3+ years ago) I was always able to convince customers/employers to "pony up" for MSDN. This is increasingly difficult and many now refuse.

    So, MSDN is effectively lost. TechNet is now lost. I am forced to seek alternatives - cloud is not an option at this time.