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ScottWelker ScottWelker
  • Visual Studio set up with Platform Builder and Remote Tools.

    , SaviorBill wrote

    I got Visual Studio set up exactly as I want and need.  Then my company acquired a computer upgrade for me and I have to reinstall everything.

    Condolences for your loss. This is a painful process my friend. Accept that some thing are never going to be the same :-/

  • I just don't get Windows 10 as a product - is it a Windows distro? Occupational therapy?

    @wastingtimewithforums: I know many will flame you but, to your defense, I am beginning to see stalwart MS development shops accept MACs - mainly for Web UX specialists... the proverbial camel's nose under the tent.

    Re: "...don't understand W10 as a product...", I believe MS has essentially written off the business user in favor of the retail customer. This direction is driving away business customers who need a degree of stability to get their work done with minimal friction. I suspect MS knows full well...

    ( anecdotal to be sure )

  • On-Prem to Azure Question


    , CDNMSSQLDB wrote

    Azure SQL Database is always being worked on to match On-Prem SQL Server product. They are closely related.


    I'll grant you "closely related". However, I am of the impression that they are divergent products and are likely to remain so. Specifically, I understand there is no plan to support Extended Properties: MSDN: Extended properties on the SQL Azure roadmap? There are other examples but this one is near and dear to me ;)

  • On-Prem to Azure Question

    A follow-up thought, I don't know the proper Azure term but I believe it supports the equivalent of an Amazon Web Services (AWS), Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Machine Image (AMI). That is, an Azure VM on which you could host a proper SQL Server for your replication purposes.

  • On-Prem to Azure Question

    @CDNMSSQLDB: I am surprised there is no response.

    I did a cursory - and I emphasize cursory - examination of Azure SQL Database. I concluded it isn't really SQL ServerAzure SQL Database does not support extended properties, doesn't support all of SQL Server's data types, etc., etc.

    I doubt Azure SQL Database and SQL Server are sufficiently compatible to perform cross-replication. I could be wrong though.

  • Windows 10 Update in the Wild

    , magicalclick wrote

    Business computer should go Pro.

    Consistently blaming your customer is seldom a sound business practice - IMHO. In the real world this is a problem...

  • Windows 10 Update in the Wild


    48 minutes ago, BitFlipper wrote

    ... I missed the 1st part of the meeting. I had to call in and say I can't Webex in yet since my computer is doing a forced update and they will need to wait for me.

    I mean reeeaaaalllyyy!!! Who's the fcxh that thought this was a good idea?

    It is difficult to imagine how forced updates are perceived to be a good idea. I've heard but I don't buy the "least common denominator"..., "security"..., and "MS will be blamed" arguments.

    Apologists will no doubt blame you for your failure to ensure the laptop was updated before your meeting. In a theoretical perfect world, I guess they would be correct. In the real world however we face the unexpected. We simply cannot have our trusty tools decide to do something other than what we need during those sometimes critical moments.

    It seems MS is no longer interested in those for whom the personal computer (PC) is more than a novelty toy. ...quite disappointing.

  • Windows 10 Update in the Wild


    , vesuvius wrote

    @ScottWelker: I have moved to a Mac specifically because I don't feel I am in control using Windows anymore.

    I am moving to/toward Linux for the same reason (as bondsbw noted). I've always avoided Apple because I perceive it to be what MS seems to be racing to become. So far I've had little trouble avoiding Apple; with iPhones being the notable exception.

    As long as clients continue to rely on Windows-based environments, I'll have to know and support it. I am presently setting up a Windows 2012 Server (for SQL Server on Amazon Web Services, EC2/AMI). Gad that Windows interface is... well... like a steering wheel on my Harley. Yes! I'll get things up and running and be OK with it. To be fair, setting up SQL Server is generally smoother than Oracle - even with the Windows 8'ish interface.

    Going forward though I'll increasingly advocate Windows alternatives - especially for 'greenfield projects'. Just the facts and I strongly suspect I am not alone here.

    @TexasToast, not traitors. Just a pragmatists. Our partner is inexorably leaving us :-/

  • Windows 10 Update in the Wild


    , magicalclick wrote

    Get Win10 Pro. Case solved.

    Right! The instructor "chose poorly" :-/

  • Windows 10 Update in the Wild

    ...an amusing and perhaps useful anecdote.

    I attended a non-technical training course and witnessed Windows 10 (auto) Update in the wild. The instructor opened her projected laptop to begin class and up popped Windows Update. The class jeered and a chorus of "get a MacBook‎" ensued. Before she could retrieve another laptop the update completed and the class commenced.

    There was some discussion of how she might disable the auto update and someone in the class suggested Linux ;)