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I've worked at Microsoft for over 15 years. Spent the first 12 in Developer Tools. Moved to MSN in Oct 2004 to begin building a developer platform for MSN Messenger. Now leading the Windows Live Platform Planning team.


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what i hate about help ...



  • Scott Swanson - What about translating help to other languages?

    To everyone who has sent feedback on this thread regarding language selection in the Help system - Thank you!!!  This is great feedback.  The good news is that by the time we reach Beta 2, the Help system will be complete and we should have all of your scenarios covered.  Beta 2 probably seems like a long way off, since we haven't released Beta 1 yet. Keep checking out the Beta and community releases of Whidbey.  We will be bringing functionality online in the community drops as it is complete.  Watch my Blog for announcements of new functionality included in the Beta and community releases.  As you check out the new features, we'd really like to hear your feedback.

  • Scott Swanson - What about translating help to other languages?


    By default, the Whidbey Help system will select the same language you are running the VS IDE in.  If you don't like that, you can select any of languages for which you have content installed locally.  Or, for online sources, you can select a primary langauage, and then the results of all other languages will be prioritized after the primary language.

  • Scott Swanson - Introduces himself and the new help system in Whidbey

    They make us say "So..." all the time you know.  It flashes during refresh on our screens all day every day to get burned into our heads...  (just kidding)

    Catatonic, have you had a chance to try one of the Whidbey Alpha releases yet and see the new Help system first hand?