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  • Mashup 101: Virtual Earth and ASP.NET Atlas (Part II)

    Great web cast, although you went kind of fast through most of it.  Do you know when they plan to implement the new v3 version into the atlas control.  The Js api works great, and has lookup functions.

    Do you know you can create routes in VE, but is their a mapping control that will enable you to plot distrance travel and overlay that with either a push pin along that route.  I have not been able to find any documentation on it. 

    I would love to use this technique on a Log/Journal I am creating as a motivation tool.  Kids love kewl new things like this and I would love to know how to do this.
  • Anders Hejlsberg - LINQ

    Great video and information about Linq. Does anyone know if we will be able to use this type of language in Web Service calls.  Would be great improvement.  Will there ever be a wizard for creating web service calls?