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  • Anders Hejlsberg and Lars Bak: TypeScript, JavaScript, and Dart

    @Alladin Web apps with a good tooling will be easier to develop than Windows.Forms.
    Recently tried VS2012 and couldn't change button color on WPF app from properties property grid (btw they killed most useful VS window), something which was just very easy on windows.forms. Windows app development is bringing more and more friction for an average dev. I love C# - it beautiful language (and thanks to the mono project it can be run on every modern platform) - but MS tooling is getting worse these days IMO.


    Actually you are completely wrong here, WinForms maybe was easy and its used in enterprise allot still, but it has an inherent flaw which dates from early windows up until WPF(XAML) and that its UI is constructed of bitmaps not vectors, funny how HTML was vector based from beginning. in my opinion this is also the main iOS flaw.

    If you are in the business of Printing, creating a box that has rounded corners and a gradiental stroke of 1px from red to green is a snap to do in Adobe Illustrator

    For the Web side of things same goes for Silverlight in Blend. Easy peasy.

    In HTML such simple thing is not possible.

    Its just shame XAML couldn't replace HTML, and be rendered by the browser.


    As for the topic Google is the old Microsoft now and Microsoft is not your dads Microsoft anymore. TypeScript is easy, makes sense and finally JS will become 1st class citizen.