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  • Connected: Windows Vista Networking Overview

    Q: Detection of loss of connection. Is it improved? or do I still have to send the remote end point socket, a small packet to query if its still online and if it did not reply in say 1 min, then the client is lost?

    In XP, sometimes you have to query the socket for data, and if you get an exception with error:10054 (?), then the remote end point was lost (cable was unpluged and the connection was reset exception) and then you had to handle that in your try catch.

    How is it in Vista? Does the stack query remote socket to see if its till alive or not? even if the remote host has its cable unpluged (did not properly end connection)? Or same old same new again?

    Thanks for the video.
  • Connected: Windows Vista Networking Overview

    very cool. I have been looking for this video for some time Smiley.

    Still watching it...Wink
  • Anand Iyer - Life in the Field, Racism in the Tech Industry, and More...

    The people who are racist against individuals because of the place they came from , or the religion they adhere to or the heritage they come from, should be dealt with firmly. This kind of low level racism needs to be cleaned from society.

    Racism is real, and the people who commit it think they are better than everyone else, just because they think their race is better than other people's races.

    Same thing with religion. People who defame other religions by attributing falsehoods to it. (like saying such and such religion is not peaceful or such and such God is .....) hurts people's feelings and it should not happen.

    Not in a country like the USA, which was the lightening beacon for Justice and freedom and equality among all races, religions and sexes, for all other countries.

    I want to thank you Rory for this video.

    Best Regards,

  • Jon Udell: Brian Jones on Office XML

    Very Cool. On ward!
  • Elissa Murphy: From Music to Microsoft

    I think in the area of anti-virus and these things , Live products sucks compared to products from Kaspersky and Agnitum.

    for some people its better than not having any protection. But if you can get the best why not go for the best in security and antivirus areas.

    MS would do better if they buy companies like Kaspersky and Agnitum. This is because these companies have been there in the area of security and antivirus for years and have more experience. I would never exchange My Kaspersky Antivirus, antispam , anti malicious software for any thing else. And I am talking from experience here.

    And because of this Alot of the live products except for hotmail and Windows live messenger, have been uninteresting to me to say the least.

    The Heuristics algorithms study code sections, and its an intelligence level above just using signatures for viruses. Viruses mutate and new kinds emerge and Heuristics detects behaviors that the code will do if its executed, and if its doing things in the core of the OS that it should not, then this is to be stopped. Also programs that wants to add themselves to the windows startup part of the registry is flagged by heuristics analysis. Kaspersky Is a pro at this. And their detection rates are better than Windows Live Defender products.

    So MS has to do alot to make it more attractive based on detection rates. Not just a solution that gives people a false sense of security online.

  • Sampy Gets Shot in the Face - A Channel 9 Exclusive

    I envy Jesse Lewin.

  • Branching 101 with Doug Neumann - Visual Studio Team Foundation Server

    Very nice.

    Is it possible to get a video, in which all of the features of LINQ project is demoed on the whiteboard or in a notebook/pc.

    Like how to query SQL (Stored procedures using Linq...etc..), and  Access databases and other kinds of databases.

    How to query registry values using linq, or in memory arrays, andquery XML, use Regx with Linq to select matching stuff.

    Basically a demo of what is to come in Orcas.

    This would be very cool too.
  • Anders Hejlsberg, Herb Sutter, Erik Meijer, Brian Beckman: Software ​Composabili​ty and the Future of

    footballism wrote:
    Actually "weak delegate" is the thing which I hope can be built into CLR3.0


    Agreed too.

    THis video is very cool. The topics answer some good questions, although other stuff could have been answered there.

    On the whole its a very good interview. (Now if we could have had the VB team there too (Amanda Silver and the others) it would have been even better.

    I hope this gets repeated again, because its like a dream come true for alot of people including me, for all the lead devs in the languages discussing the future and the existing problems that devs face today and how to solve these.

    I agree that Locks in threads are very limiting and this whole model must be gone and replaced with a new multi-threading sub-model, where things are faster without the problems surrounding locks.

    Linq is I think the best thing that happened to .NET in quite a while, and its adoption in the .NET would make .NEt even more attractive. I am a big fan of Linq because it makes programming fun and more productive on the whole.

    If we can only find a way to emplement a zero-tolerance policy on tampering with MSIL as it goes form dev machine to users machine to CLR, I would be a very happy .NET developer and I think alot of people who depend on .NET to develop would be happier too.

    All I can say, keep the good stuff coming!


  • Scott Guthrie - MIX07, Work, and Personal Details Revealed

    Good Interview!
  • Technology Roundtable #1

    Robert Hess is cool. This interview is cool.

    Here are some ideas as to the things that I am interested in.

    1) C# team heads, + VB.NET team heads, discussing future of the .NET framework, did it achieve or reach the potential it was made for? Areas of improvment, adoption expecations versus actual restults. Did it basically live up to its expectations. Also what will come in C# 4.0, and VB.NET next.

    2) How Multi-Core processing will affect the way we write applications. In the past decades , most people were not dealing with multiple threads in their applications. How will this affect C# and .NET in general, and the programming model in particular, and how transactions will come to play here.

    3)  Future of cryptography: As we have more powerful processing powers, what are the new stuff that will make online experiance secure and private?

    4) Windows Vista design challenges and unexpected bumps during development. Where does Windows stand on security now as compared to its previous versions.  Also, what about the content protection technology, is this bad or good?

    5) How will online experiance , the web , will evolve. What are new visions that MS has that will make the future more interesting than it is already.

    6) Software Technology meeting Biological Genetics: Basically bioinformatics and how software will simplify understanding of biological function at the gene level. What MS is doing to improve this growing field.

    It would be very interesting for me to at least get one of these topics talked about in the Technology roundtable with Mr. Hess.

    PS: Its nice to see Channel9 going to the next level in terms of content.Big Smile
  • Tara Roth: Not your father’s world of Software Test

     Nice video. Its always nice to see you in the Videos Charles!
    I think you should do that with all future videos;)
  • Geeking Out in Barcelona

    I dont know who is who. Forgot the "Who Are you?" question? Big Smile