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  • So Long C9.

    I am leaving C9.

    Good-Bye Everyone. Its been fun to be here on C9. Time to move-on.

    Live Long And Prosper C9ners!  \\//_.


    PS: No hard feelings. If anyone was offended by me, I apologize. If any one offended me, they are forgiven.Big Smile

  • LINQ TO SQL Method Return Type Is Incorrect for a SP

    JChung2006 wrote:
    SET NOCOUNT ON causes stored procedures to return an int value.  Try SET NOCOUNT OFF in your stored procedure.

    But Its not set ON. Its off.

    Not sure why it keeps doing it.

  • Error-​Logging Class, input please.

    you have to provide more information about how you implemented the business logics of your web-application.

    You can create a user class, and in that user class, define options in the form of a switch statement.

    switch (UserRequest)
        case "A":
           Console.WriteLine ("user {0} has done {1} at {2}", userClass.UserName, userClass.Accessed, DateTime.Now.ToString());

    it depends on your implementation.

  • LINQ TO SQL Method Return Type Is Incorrect for a SP

        You have a stored procedure like this:
    Input = @L As Bit, @G As Bit.
    SELECT        X.*
    FROM            Y AS X
    WHERE        (X.D = @L AND @L IS NOT NULL) AND (X.T = @G AND
                             @G IS NOT NULL)

    Why does LINQ TO SQL make the return type int instead of ISingleResult?

  • VS 2008: Saving Indicator SP from VS IDE bug

        when you edit a stored procedure from the VS 2008 Server Explorer, and try to save it, the yellow bar on the left side (next to the line numbers) does not change from yellow to green indicating changes saved.

    The only way to know if saved is if the * is disappeared from the tab title, or the saving indicator.Wink

  • VS2008: Linq to Sql Show stopper? [C#: Resolved]

    Well i just discovered that this bug existed back since Beta 1 of Orcas.

    The fix for it exists in the Installation DVD, however the installer never invokes the update. So you kind of have to do it manually.

    You cannot build any application because of the missing alink.dll.

    So to fix.

    Install these msu files that are located off of the install image in


    • Windows6.0-KB110806-x86.msu
    • Windows6.0-KB929300-x86.msu
    • Windows6.0-kb930264-x86.msu

    Everything worked fine afterwards

    They might have different names, but the KB #s are the same.


  • VS2008: Linq to Sql Show stopper? [C#: Resolved]

    PeterF wrote:

    Is it always stopping at the same stored procedure?

    No. Sometimes, if you clear the design surface, and readd them one by one, only the first one you add gets coded in the xx.designer.cs file.

    The weird thing is that in the designer it shows as added, with method signature, but not in the cs file. The autogen tool is not working.

    PeterF wrote:

    List the stored procedures so people can repro it.

    I cant list them.

    This happens when you try to run custom tool.

    Error    1    Build failed due to validation errors in C:\Users\xxx\Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Projects\...\XXDb.dbml.  Open the file and resolve the issues in the Error List, then try rebuilding the project.  

    Error    2    Required file 'alink.dll with IAlink3' could not be found    xxx

    Error    3    Could not load type 'System.ComponentModel.PropertyChangingEventArgs' from assembly 'System, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=xxxxxxxxxxxx'.        0    0 

    xx = to hide private data.

    This really is annoying. Its happening at randomal drag and drops.

    sometimes it works , sometimes it does not.

    Not SP specific.

  • VS2008: Linq to Sql Show stopper? [C#: Resolved]

    PeterF wrote:
    why showstopper when you have a perfect workaround? btw why would you add all 50 at once? don't you loose overview like that?

    Actually, even if you do it one by one, it stops after you ad the 10th sp.

    Weird bug.

    Not sure how to fix.

    Reason to add all, at once, is because its faster that way.

    No one has the time to add them one by one.

    Common man.Wink

    If you add them all, one by one, and try to run the custome tool, you get lots of weird errors.

    LINQ TO SQL is broken in VS 2008.Mad:@Mad:@Mad


  • VS2008: Linq to Sql Show stopper? [C#: Resolved]

        I think there is something wrong with Linq to sql.

    1) Try to drag and drop 50 + Stored procedure at the same time on the LINQ To SQL designer.

    2) Say no to the prompt window that asks you to save sensitive data pertaining to the connection string to the sql db.


    All the stored procedures appear in the methods of the LINQ to SQL design surface, but in the DataContex cs , file that is auto generated, nothing is written in code that has to do with the dropped stored procedures.


    PS: this works, only if I drag and drop them 1 at a time or 2 at a time. But not all to gether. Why?Mad

  • Hand Over Your Keys Or Else.

    For the last time. I am not talking about after a warrant is issued. I am however, talking about the process of issuing the warrant, from a legal stand point against an encrypted file, which is a closed system.

    What would make the police suspect that an encrypted file contains something illegal, hence to use that to get a warrant?

    I mean they cant use their instinct?

    Suppose someone is walking with a bunch of paper containing highly classified information. Amidst these papers , the police finds an encrypted DVD. The police here has reasonable suspicion that the encrypted DVD contains other highly classified information. Based on this "circumstantial evidence", they can get a warrant from a judge.

    But suppose the same individual, is walking with only the DVD in their DVD player. What gives the police the right to ask for a warrant?
    Is its simply because the DVD is encrypted?

    How do you know if this law is being abused, just like police abuse their use of "teasers" on people.

    Alice and bob live in a system, where cryptography is essentially rendered useless and outlawed.

    My $0.02