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  • In reguards to privacy Issues.

    Here is an article I came across, Is there any truth to this?

    I am one of these people who like new technology , but if the newly emerging technology is used to violate an individual's privacy then I would not buy that technology. So, I want to discuss if there is any truth to what is being said. I hope that the article is wrong.

    Thank you.

  • Is C# better than VB?

    jsampsonPC wrote:
    Well, ALL (not some, all) of my experience in development has been int he {}; world...and nothing else. Truth be told, I haven't developed in too many languages (JavaScript, Java, PHP, ActionScript, and now VB.NET), so it's a little frustrating sometimes going from VB.NET to working with the DOM for a few hours, and then back again. Today I cannot tell you how many times I forgot to use ; and () in JavaScript. Tomorrow, when I sit down to work on a PHP project, I'm sure I'll get frustrated again. Unfortunately, I started .NET in VB, and not C# - although I would have probably been more comfortable in C#. Now, I'm about to start a full-time position as a VB.NET developer, and I fear I may be locked in to my screwy little world of {}; and no {};

    Oh well, life handed me a lemon, and I enclosed it in curly brackets and terminated it with a semicolon.

    I can tell you are a novice or a starter to programming because all beginners ask this question. My answer is this : Do you prefer salt or peper with your burger? Lanugaes now are a preference. Some like the ; } , others like english like structures as they program. I use both but C# more, because you can write few lines and do more. Its efficient.