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  • The History of Microsoft - 1980

    I don't know if this is the right thread for this comment, but here it goes,

    My platform since 2000 is mainly Mac, either at home or on the road consulting. I just recently bought my first non-ppc mac, the mac mini so that I can keep up with my personal interest in

    We are divided no more, thanks to OpenSource and Linux, so this is not a platform gripe, it is something for the technicians to test.

    I have VMware Fusion+xp home edition SP3, and I can run "in parallel" windows and mac.

    I noticed using IE 8 in the Fusion virtualization of windows that the volume control for these movies works correctly, with decent decibel output.

    Simultaneously, and logged in to the forum "twice" with a mac os x 10.5.7 (last night update), the volume output is totally unacceptable for the silverlight 2.0 I downloaded and installed as a plugin to Safari browser. You can up the volume control arrow all the way, and still you can't get decent volume.

    Are there known issues about this ?