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  • Part 1: Series Introduction

    wow... i m very glad to see ur response Smiley ... i watched ur videos on youtube and now we are having 1 to 1 interaction ... really owsm Smiley 

    in SE course we studied about documentation and diagrams, but i feel that win 8 apps are different as compare to desktop database application, in which we build documentation consisting of objective, scope, etc then DLR, DFDs, Normalization, Use Case, state diagram, etc ... i was jst thinking of myself about documentation of contosocookbook. bcoz it doesn't have database so normalization can not be there, 

    its dfd would be very limited, all use cases will almost same ... so thts why i was confused, 

  • Part 1: Series Introduction

    i also want to know that what should i include in apps documentation as i am developing app for my Computer Science degree, plz mention list of uml diagrams which should be included in doc.