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  • POP: Project Overview Plug

    If you are reading this, I'd like you to stop by my blog and take a look at my posts regarding a lifelong project I'm outlining and opening up for collaborative development.


    Off topic?  Bah!  This is the coffeehouse after all.

    Free crappachino to anyone who stops by and leaves a comment.

    Thanks folks.  Game on.  Cool

  • Hitting stumbling blocks

    W3bbo wrote:

    What do you do when you hit a stumbling block when you're developing?

    Just for comparison, I usually switch off (my brain, that is) and go play CounterStrike or check for any new posts on the forums I regular before continuing.

    I know its possible to persevere at them, but the big "Steam" icon is too much for me to resist, especilly when I don't have any real deadlines to hit.

    So, what do you do?

    If I had an answer I would have conquered the world by now.

    I have the same problem.  Its just like handling any other priority management in your life.  Visualize the consequences, or have someone babysit you.

    Personally I invite the boss to my office to help me develop.  I usually work faster when she is here because she knows all the details of what I'm trying to get accomplished, she realizes what I'm doing is not exactly easy, and its yet another reason for me to keep my office clean and presentable.

    When your working on a project without a "boss" you could consider joining a team effort with people that are productive who will hold you accountable to your commitments.

    Good luck.

  • Is attending a conference worth less today?

    Why go to PDC?  If you can see all the goodies from home...

    Now downloading..... zzz

    Scoble when are you guys going to torrent these bad boys?

  • Beer28: Don't leave

    Michael Griffiths wrote:
    Orbit86 wrote: grow up ! lets remember what we came here to do...

    see what Microsoft made and complain it doesnt work!!


    Could you articulate a little more clearly, please? I'm afraid I haven't a clue what you're (trying to) say(ing).

    I'm sure he would like to but someone that completely lacks humility speaks only for their own benefit.

  • Intel Raided In Europe

    Harlequin wrote:
    eagle wrote: innovative

    Does this word have to pop up on every thread?

    Your avatar is innovative.

  • Are You a Citizen or Are You A Terrorist?

    zzzzz wrote:
    billh, kinda of depressing?

    Sacrificing yourself for a cause is as old as the humans are young.  Every society, religion, ideology  in human history has glorified selfless acts of giving oneself to future generations or saving of another.  Anybody that stands on a line and watches over others has to deal  that they may have to give up their lives to protect others.

    Now the question that may being asked is why are these well educated, and intelligent men and women committing these acts.  Simply they believe that it is the only method of attack left open.  this is the reason the war is already lost to them because this is the act of desperation only in the last death throws do people throw their best and brightest away so carelessly.   In every war from the Fall of the Aztecs to Japanese and Germany defeat of WWII only when defeat was apparent  do people start throwing their lives away for little to no gain in the objective of winning. 


  • What if without water and electricity?

    footballism wrote:
    Because of an unusual accident with the water supply in my region, something like brick wall falling down and broke the water pipeline, I have to go out with a bucket, finding some places where water is still available, you know, the closestool has to be flushed off, my mom needs water to prepare for my tomorrow's breakfast etc, so guy! Move now...
      Ok, now I'm back from carrying water from a long distance, actually it's just few hundred metres away from my home, I said it long distance because in terms of that I have to take a large bucket of water from here to there and back, it's really a labour intensive work I have to do, just like walking several thousand miles.
      When I carried the bucket of water on my way back home, I have a question in mind: what if without clean water and electricity in the world? can we still leave without them? which matters to us most, water and electricity, or computer technology?

    PS: I also post this on my space on MSN

    I think we could go without clean water.  I seem to remmeber reading about Colonial Americans drinking so much whisky this and wine that beer... etc etc.  I asked a knowledgeable friend about it and they gave the explanation that sometimes the alcahol in these beverges was the only drink they could keep from going rotten without refridgeration.

    Seemed to make sense.  So to me if I had a choice between clean water and electricity, I would choose electricity, since you can make clean water with electricity - but thats like cheating on the original question.

    Sounds like you need to make a cart or hoist or... something.

  • Study Shows Windows Beats Linux on Security

    You guys should stop giving Beer such a hard time.  The day Beer leaves is teh day we realise how little there is we actually have to talk about.

    Anyone pick up the new Weezer album?

  • 12 minutes to infection

    DoomBringer wrote:

    Linux, Unix, Solaris, or unpatched ANYTHING can be infected just as quickly and easily.

    Yeah... thats like saying anything that is unsecure can be hacked or anyone with their pants down can be spanked.

    Simple logic absolutely kills so many headlines...

  • Tell me about Channel9

    Channel 9 is the grease upon the axel upon which the whole Scoble turns.... no wait too offensive...... its a cacophony of genes and philosophies, kinda like when your pure bred (I need to watch my language) has a litter compliments of your nasty neighbor's mutt digging under the fence.... no wait thats too explicit... Channel 9 is the the result of barfing up both the red and blue pill.... too drug related ahhhh its....Its a Dejavu of PTSD.... no no... wait... I got it....Like a party where Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and Ted Nugent show up and leave on time without ever saying a word or picking up a guitar.... well that's what it is to me anyway.Its cool but it could be so much more.  I'm looking foreward to your contributions.