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  • Charlie Owen and John Canning - Media Center exposed, Part II

    Manip wrote:
    gav wrote: Of course you couldn't change the channel via the media centre PC either. Unless you're creative, buy a infrared addon and write a program to use it to simulate the Sky remote (massive hack).

    Actually, my experiance has shown this not quite true. I use an scientific atlanta explorer8000 set top box at home, and i hook it up to my zd7000 MCE notebook when i go there, there is a IR connector that can plug into the back of my IR reciever, and can go in front of the reciever on the set top box. the media center software let me configure it to work properly with that box (so i can use my MCE remote all the time). I dont know how true that is for all set top boxes, and i did that on MCE2004, i cant be sure that functionality is even still there, or if it was a HP feature they added. I dont know how other MCE systems work, but thats my experiance Wink