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  • Countdown to TechEd Europe: Meet our Content Czar and Win a Free Pass!

    Attending a MS congress was always a big thing for me as a developer. Learning something new is exciting and usually it is helping to improve things in my sourrounding a bit with the new knowledge. Strange is that the topics I've followed on such a conference were nearly non existing in my professional work as a dev - but somehow become very important shortly after the conference was done.

    Getting inspired for new things is the most important reason for me to attend. Meeting others, speaking with guys directly from MS is another big issue Smiley

    The biggest thing for me is currently Windows Phone 7. I am really excited about that as I was not about any technology for a long time. Preparing some apps for launch right now. Unfortunaltely the devices in Germany are really really sparse.

    As it seems my company will not pay for this time attendance - I was already on one conference this year (not from Microsoft) so the money was (ill) spent.

    Hope I could get there somehow nevertheless - maybe MS could ┬┤help here Smiley As I live in Berlin, it would be a real miss if I would skip this year...


    Have fun,



  • Countdown to TechEd Europe: Redmond Heads to Berlin

    Is there any chance getting to somehow win an invitation to TechEd? Its so damn expensive if you go there privately (and I already live in Berlin)... @Obiwan007

  • Simplify Page Transitions in Windows Phone 7 Silverlight Applications



    have you had the time to port this all over to the current Beta SDK? There were so many changes that this would help alot Smiley