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  • Daniel Lehenbauer - Demo of Avalon 3D

    jBuelna wrote:
    WinFS isn't taking a backseat to Avalon (neither is Indigo.) 

    I guess you could say that WinFS isn't taking a backseat to Avalon because WinFS isn't even allowed to get in the car and was sent back to it's room for another couple years.

    I'm looking forward to Indigo but WinFS was the "pillar" of Longhorn I was looking forward to most. 

  • Introducing MSN Toolbar Suite - Silicon Valley team (and demo!)

    scobleizer wrote:

    You can build iFilters for other datatypes if you're a developer. Not sure what you're asking there.

    Copernic Desktop Search allows you to specify what file types you want indexed as text so I have a full text index of all the source code on my machine (all html, C#, vb, asp, css, js, etc, etc, etc).   It also allows you to indicate what file types you want indexed by name and properties only (like .zip, .dll, .exe, etc, that I want to know the location of.)

    Looks like MS has a real product here (unlike Google's Desktop Search), I just don't have the 52 minutes to watch the video or couple hours to install and index, so I won't be able to really test it until at least tomorrow.
  • Introducing MSN Toolbar Suite - Silicon Valley team (and demo!)

    How does this compare to Copernic Desktop Search?
    Does it index music (file names and ID3 ifo)?
    Does it index images?
    Does it index videos?
    Does it index Firefox Internet cache and history? 
    IE Internet cache and history?  
    Can you configure the file types to index (locations or full text)? 
    Does index content of Word docs and PDF?
    Does it have a preview window for full-text searches?
    Does it highlight search terms in the preview window?
  • Iain McDonald - What's the biggest suprise that will come out of Microsoft in the next year or two?

    iain wrote:
    i think it's a wash - the start time is a little worse.  winstone tests seem to be better.  all in the <5% range.

    Okay, I've installed SP2 and I am pleasantly surprised with the fact that my system seems to be running faster.  IExplore is faster, Explorer is faster. 

    I don't like the new firewall and the "active content blocked" warnings in IE could easily be made useful (for example, tell me what active content is blocked.  is it an embedded windows media player or is it something horrible?), but if I were a clueless user, these things would be helpful.  Instead, they're mostly a hinderance. 

    For example, when the firewall asks if I want to allow a program to communicate with the internet, after it has been doing so for a week, I have to wonder, what exactly is going on?  What is that program trying to do that it hasn't been doing for the last week?  The firewall does not tell me that.  The firewall forces me to give a program some unknown amount of free reign or none.

    The speed increase is enough for me to be happy I installed and I think the SP is a great thing for sub-power users, but for power users and above, the new features are pretty lame.
  • Iain McDonald - What's the biggest suprise that will come out of Microsoft in the next year or two?

    XP SP2?  If there is something in XP SP2 that is going to be a big surprise, then someone's doing something wrong!  [Or did he mean that XP SP2 would actually come out, to everyone's surprise?  Wink  ]

    What exactly is going to be in XP SP2 that is so great?  Security fixes that should have been in XP originally?  A firewall that works at the level it should have when XP was originally released?  A pop-up blocker for IE?  There is nothing there that is cool, special, or great, that is all basic functionality that is missing now. 

    Besides the problems that some developers are going to have, what exactly is so great about XP SP2?
  • Samuel Druker - Can you give us a preview of what search will be like on Longhorn?




  • Brad Abrams, What do you do? What is a day like for you?

    Jeremy, I just hit this page via Firefox and had to download an audio codec.