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Shawn Shawn I'm hungry...
  • Request for Opinions on ​Backpack-​style Laptop Bags...

    You didn't say how much you have to spend or how big of a hurry you're in but if you've got some time and a limited budget I highly recommend a trip to eBay before you buy anything.  There's usually a pretty good selection of bags there and they can usually be bought for very little money.

    As for a recommendation, I have a Belkin bag that I really like. Unfortunately, I don't have any of the paperwork with it anymore so I'll tell you want I like about the bag since I don't know the model numbers.  It has:

      - nicely padded straps
      - lots of conveneintly placed pockets - they make grabbing a pen or cellphone easy
      - two completely seperate compartments - one for the laptop and another for my books.  This makes it easy to remove either the laptop or my books but doesn't require that I remove both to get one or the other.  Most of the "bookbags that hold laptops" just have a padded divider in the main compartment.
      - a well placed pocket for my a/c adapter
      - a top mounted handle
      - although I've never submerged the bag it has kept everything inside of it dry even in the worst of rainstorms (I park a good ways off and sometimes get caught in the elements)
       - a design that allowed me to cut off the waist straps without hurting the bag. I think waist straps totally suck but to each thier own.
       - It has a low key appearance.  Some might even call it boring. 

    Good luck with your purchase. Let us know what you finally pick out.

  • Space wars: Hotmail will give 250MB email storage for free!

    I'm actually fine with paying for Hotmail access and 250mb is more than enough for me.

    Has there been any thought been given to providing the software required to make Outlook and MSN/Hotmail's Contacts and Calendar sync up with each other to the users that purchase the larger inbox? 

    I know Google(GMail) received a lot of attention for providing users with a gigabyte of storage for free by why not compete on features that people would actually use instead of unneeded capacity?

    I'd gladly pay $25/year for a service that mimic'ed Exchange for my own personal use. 

  • HoTMaiL vs GMail - bring it on!

    Knute wrote:
    I wonder how much GMAIL paid O'Reilly to write that piece? "Tim we'll give you a $100,000 to dispell the growing concerns over our new highly anticipated service"....

    If you guys want to blindly believe that this type of privacy intrusion is ok, that's fine. Just keep following the shepherds like sheep....

    ~ Knute

    Privacy and email in the same sentence?  And a free web based email service at that? 

    I've always though of email as being the digital equivalent of a post card.

  • Recommend a good Outlook Site, Newsgroup, or Forum?

    kclemson wrote:
    Start here to look up any and all information related to coding in Outlook: http://www.outlookcode.com/d/index.htm.

    You do not have to be connected to exchange to use custom forms.

    If it doesn't work, I wonder if something like storing data in excel and having a pivot chart would help?

    Thanks for the reply.  I've been looking online a bit just to see if anyone else has tried to accomplish what I'd like to do but I haven't found anything yet.

    Right now I already have all my running data/times in an Excel spreadsheet and it works pretty well.  Since I'm pretty much married to Outlook for tasks, the contact list, and email I thought I'd just try to incorporate that too. 

    I'm signed up for a VB.NET class this summer (it's required for the curriculm - I'm not that geeky) so I'm hoping to learn a few things that can be put to use.  I just hope the professor has a clue.

    Since it was brought up, I'd like to recommend leaving NNTP features out of Outlook and focus more on refining the functionality already present (Outlook 2k3 is the best looking and easiest to use email client I've ever used - keep up the good work!).  I know I'm probably in the minority here, but I use Outlook for filing away my personal things.  I use OE for my crap email and Newsgroups. I don't need newsgroup contents in my ever growing .pst file.  Just my two cents.

    Just an interesting note, Google brought this page up as the top link on one of my searches.  While I voted for it, maybe the search functionality for the forums isn't needed so badly after all.  Smiley

  • Check out the Gmail​RequestList​Wiki

    Great idea!  Thanks for sharing the wealth!

  • Does anyone actually watch the videos?

    I was going to write that I'm not much into the videos until I realized that Dare Obasanjo co-authuor-ed the RSS client that I'm using.

    After watching that, I was really glad that Channel9 includes videos.  While I don't feel like I'm closer to the guy now that I've seen him in video it does help me, well, I guess the closest word I'm thinking of here is relate, to the guy more when I read his blog in the RSS client he helped create.

    While I can say I've only watched two of the videos I'm really really glad I did see the two I did.

    (BTW, it wouldn't hurt to interview more females.  Call me lonely, but I'd much rather watch the Women of Microsoft than the men.)

  • iTunes now has support for WMA and Lossless Audio

    If only the (outrageously overpriced) iPod supported that many formats. Sad

    Me personally, I'm no fan of iTunes.  When you install the program it installs no less than three services onto your machine.

    If judged on its merits alone, I'd rank iTunes dead last in the player/client category.

  • Show us your workspace

    msemack wrote:
    Shawn wrote:

    Where'd you get that desk?  I really like the looks of it.  Stylish yet functional.

    (I would have asked you this directly but you didn't list an email address and PM's aren't enabled on the forums yet)

    I got it from Wal-Mart.  I don't know if they carry them anymore.  I know I haven't seen it for sale at my Wal-Mart for a long time.  It cost about $30.

    Oops, I thought I had my e-mail listed.  I'll fix that. Smiley

    Thanks for the reply.  Congrat's on finding a desk like that for so little money.  You've got a good looking setup there. 

    Appreciate the addition of the email address, too.

  • Created a Orkut community for Channel9

    Great idea!  I'm not a member of Okrut yet though so I'd appreciate the invite.

  • IM'ing at Microsoft

    Wow.. I didn't realize that you couldn't personalize the "away" messages with Windows Messenger.  That's a huge weakness and will need to be fixed with later releases if I'm ever going to be able to convince my friends to migrate over to that platform.  Hopefully this is just a client problem and not a limitation within the protocol (as the former should be much easier to fix).

    We often "profile" each other just to see who's doing what in their away messages.  Knowing that they just went to see a blockbluster movie if a cause enough for a later conversation.

    While I'm asking for things, can you add the ability to customize your profile as well if it's not already included with the latest release?  I've got some friends that pratically have thier own "AIM Profile Blog" going even though they have no idea what a blog is.