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SheldonS SheldonS

Niner since 2010

  • Ping 192: Super cool hires, meet Xbox ONE, Hover returns, Bing kills it

    @jlcard I thought Scott Guthrie had the copyright to red polos at Microsoft.

  • Ping 192: Super cool hires, meet Xbox ONE, Hover returns, Bing kills it

    I still think the TV in the Bing Halloween should be tuned to Channel 9.

    @Jose, what is wrong with more bright colors?


  • Ping 189: Kinect SDK, MSFT Stock Buyback, Romance Games, IE11 on Win7

    I like the idea of how Cortana links back to Halo, but as far as Siri goes, I thought that was just a feature to annoy people around you.  I had an iPad and never used Siri.  I really did not think that was worth posting.  Next time, no matter how lame or useless a comment may be, I'll be sure to leave one.

    A sub for Laura...  I am not sure if the people I like to listen to would be available to do a Ping or if they would want to do one.  Maybe you could use one of those little 9 guys, kind of like Mr. Bill.  Then you just have to find someone to do the voice.

  • Ping 186: Xbox Money, Windows 8.1, Pitbull loose, Skype goes 3D

    Anyone else find it funny that the person who hosts a video show on the Internet prefers not to interact with video and or voice?

  • Ping 183: Self publishing to Xbox One, 97 year old painter, apps on WP, Nokia 1020

    Just wear orange shirts?  Kind of like a certain person who always wears a red one?  I like that idea.

  • Text Editor from SkyDrive with HTML5

    Checked just now and I have the text feature.  Very nice.  I tried it yesterday when I viewed this video but the CSS I uploaded would not work like in the video.  I checked and now it does.  I do not see a way to Create Text document but this is really nice!

  • Form Validation and Other Future HTML5 Form Enhancements - 11

    This is a great series so far, I have recommended it and your series on JavaScript to friends that are interested in getting into web development.

    As a side note, I found something interesting about the input type URL.  Apparently it will submit as long as you have the http://.  I only found this because Opera will automatically insert http:// for you.  Apparently the type does not check for a proper URL that contains .com/net/org...  I checked this in IE10, Chrome, and Opera.  Opera was the only one that automatically inserted the http:// for me.

  • Series Wrap-Up - 21

    Hey Bob!

    I wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for this series.  I've been a web developer for many years.  Most of those years have been in web forms, so I found that my JavaScript skills were in very poor condition.  This series has really helped me to bring them up to speed.

    I got interested in your series because I want to do some Windows 8 development, and for me I felt the best path is the HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript path.  I started doing some labs and realized I needed to work on some skills I let slide over the years.  Obviously JavaScript was one of them.

    Thank you very much for the work that you do, it is greatly appreciated.  I will definitely refer people to your series on Channel 9 and your site.

  • Windows 8 Tip 3: Using Windows File Explorer

    At 00:00:37 I don't know why I never noticed that before!  Thank you for bringing that to my attention, that is a time saver.

    There were some other useful items in there as well, but I thought this one was really neat.

  • Ping 175: Wp app for Droids, Forbes Wifi, Next Xbox, Bing Offers

    My comment is about the Switch to Windows Phone App.  Don't hate, but I use a Droid 2 Global.  On the plus side, this means I can try this app.  I fall into one of the descriptions that Paul gave; a Droid user who is considering a Windows Phone.

    The app quickly ran and reported that it found matches for 82% of my apps.  It displays a neat little group of tiles (2hx4w) which change like live tiles displaying a small tile for each of the matches it found.

    Next it offers to save the list to the cloud and send an email reminder with instructions on how to get the apps on your Windows Phone.  This is where things start to get a bit buggy.  I got the email, but it was blank.  I went to the about page since that usually has links to contact the developers and sent an email to the address displayed.  My email was bounced back to me.

    As some one who is considering a Windows Phone as his next phone I really like the idea behind this app.  I have wondered how much of a pain it might be to try to locate the same apps on a Windows Phone that I normally use on my Droid.  While I thought the 2x4 grid was neat I would like to eventually see an actual list with links.  Maybe the list is suppose to show up in the email that was blank.

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