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  • Hanselminut​es on 9 - ASP.NET 4 and the new ObjectCache with Stefan

    In the video Stefan says HostFileChangeNotifier can use windows API for file monitoring if it is running from win/console app and use the specific monitor if it is running inside a web app.  If I am a authoring a class librabry how do I detect if I am running inside a web host or windows host and do different things?

    Can you share any sample code?




  • Hanselminut​es on 9 - ASP.NET 4 and the new ObjectCache with Stefan

    Well exactly, how do we realize that System.Web cache can be used outside of web app? I think it is in these areas that Microsoft should provide more help and samples along with all possible use cases.

  • Hanselminut​es on 9 - ASP.NET 4 and Brad Wilson on MVC 2

    Areas are super cool. I was once trying to do similar thing with MVC1. I had two MVC projects in the same solution and the main MVC app referenced the DLL from another mvc app, and along with a bit of MEF magic, I was able to display content from second MVC app in the main MVC application.  Couldn't explore further as the took me off bench Perplexed


    I think MVC Areas along with MEF will enable a plugin based web apps where you just drop a DLL and you get all the new menu UI logic working like a magic.


    Very nice feature


  • Hanselminut​es on 9 - ASP.NET 4 and David Fowler on LinqExtender

    Cool feature. Looks like it is borrowed from Silverlight and .NET RIA services. Saw a Mix video by Brad Adams where he did similar thing with DomainDataService.


    These features will really help up get small sites up and running quickly. There are so many of such small wonders in dev10, it is hard to remember and not sure how to digest all of it. New sample code should try to use such features more and more so we get a hang of it.


    Thanks for the nice video

  • Hanselminut​es on 9 - ASP.NET 4 and David Ebbo on Dynamic Data for Older Apps

    wow! this is very cool stuff. I wish you had done this on framework 3.5 SP1

  • 10-4 Episode 10: Making Web Deployment Easier

    Really helpful feature. Thanks for adding this in.

    I was wondering if the onclick deployment feature can be extended with custom steps to meet policy requirements in an Enterprise. For example I cannot do a direct deploy to CONS/DAY1/PROD my self from my box, I cannot even connect to it. If it is possible for me to publish the PROD builds to a local directory then run some custom step which can zip it, check it into a predefined VSS, label it and send a notfication to environment engineers that would be super cool Smiley ... may be its too much to ask for, but just my wishlist!