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  • MVVM Best Practices

    While I enjoyed the show and both guests, I have to disagree with Brian.  He keeps hitting on the flexibility as if it were a good thing.  Too much flexibility can be a bad thing.  I want a Visual Studio Project Template that sets up a defacto standard Prism project implementation.  I don't want to revisit all the conventions and layout details and decisions with each app.

    The lack of a good standard is holding me back from developing anything.  I want to write to a well-known standard that will be around for a few years.  I don't want to write an app now, then have to rewrite it every couple of years as a new standard "emerges."  Burbling about creativity and flexibility aside, suppose someone comes into Brian's project which has 200 views, who has no idea how things are laid out or how the program is "wired."  A confusing mass of idiosyncratic code with no standards or conventions. The Horror!  The Horror!


    Please get together with Mike Taulty and write some Visual Studio Templates.  The only ones currently available are out of date, for the app store or Windows RT.