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  • A Lap Around the Azure Services Platform

    • Connection to Failed

    The system returned:

    (113) No route to host

    That's what comes up on the download link and you can't watch the video either. It says "Media Failure. Try reloading the page or visiting the main site for assistance"

    Good ole Silverlight ...
  • Manuvir Das: Introducing Windows Azure

    I finally got the video to work ... but don't pause it and walk away -- because you can't then restart the video. I had to refresh the page to start the video from scratch again ... *sigh*
  • Manuvir Das: Introducing Windows Azure

    Pity the video doesn't play on either IE or Firefox ... and even when I tried to download the MP4 version I get "Error -2048: Couldn't open the file ManuvirDasCloudServices_ch9.mp4 because it is not a file that QuickTime understands" -- also doesn't play with VLC.

    Guess there's a problem with this one ...