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  • IE 9: Surfing on the GPU with D2D

    Now this I like...

  • This Week C9: Revolution 9 - The Future of Channel 9

    +1 for making the PDC content much more discoverable. I think it's one of C9's crown jewels and it's hidden so well I kinda assumed it was done deliberately. 

  • Shawn Farkas: CLR 4 - Inside the new Managed Security Model

    "There's a lot of very useful information in this conversation with plenty of whiteboarding."

    I read that sentence as "... with plenty of water-boarding." Sheesh, sign of the times.

  • Silverlight support for Chrome and other site updates

    woo hoo, my London based Chrome browser says thank you.

  • Erik Meijer: ​Democratizi​ng the Cloud

    nemisys wrote:
    Microsoft marketing innovation at work

    I think I own the Mac guy's jeans. They look like a pair of Paul Smith/Diesel.

    Worrying thing is that I also own a sports jacket that looks similar to Windows guy. Not quite as lame though ...
  • An interview with Jamie


    I've switched.... to

  • Mike Arcuri - More business intelligence in Office 2007

    Looks cool.

    I have a questions about the new table cell naming (ie where cell refrences like  $E2 are replaced with  names like [2004 prices] (

    If I build a table in Excel 07 and my formulas are automaticaly translated this way. What happens when somebody attempts to open the sheet in Excel '03?
  • Windows Server 2003 R2 and Beyond

    Excellent video. I was totaly unaware of R2's beefed-up file replication.

    I have a couple of expensive Double-Take licenses performing this role for me at the moment (copying our file data to the DR site).

    I now have a viable alternative to consider next time the infrastructure is altered.

  • John Merrill – First Look at Exchange 12

    CannedSoda wrote:
    He said OWA for Exch2003 was the first AJAX app.  First AJAX app for Microsoft or from anyone?

    mawcc wrote:
    I think he said OWA for Exchange 2000, not 2003. I remember it was already quite good, and that was waaaay before everybody started talking about AJAX.

    OWA for Exchange 2000 literally was the grand-daddy of AJAX. AJAX leverages the XmlHttp object for communication with the server "in the background". The XmlHttp object in IE was developed primarily for OWA.

    A few articles MSDN later and a team I worked on started using it for internal corporate web applications. The Soap wizard & web behavior shipped and things became simple. Skip forward a few years, an XMLHttp implementation goes into Firefox/Mozilla and Google picks up the stick and runs with it.

    There's guys on the team I used to work with that regularly deconstruct the gmail / gmap code. The Google developers seem to have learnt a lot tricks to really push the performance.
  • Scott Isaacs - MSN DHTML Foundation unveiled

    Cool. I read this book in a weekend. (Not entirely all my choice)
  • Julie Larson-Green - Diving into the new Office 12

    scobleizer wrote:

    C9'es will obviously ask what about this .. what about that...

    woo hoo I'm in.

    So Excel 12 then...

    Is it faster?
    My users are starting to get twin 64bit machines. Can Excel take advantage of these? Will you ship a 64bit version of Office?

    Does the IV Columns, 65,000 odd rows limit change? Can I get more on a sheet?

    Since VB6 has been retired, what are you going to do with VBA?

    Are we going to get better intergration with .net? I don't think VSTO for 2005 cuts the mustard for my purposes. It's still very Smart Document centric. I want to expose my .net code via a nice library/contract/interface/whatever right in to a Cell. And that's any cell, in any sheet, when my library is loaded. That's all.

    Obscurely, but important to me ... love the zoom feature. Don't need to see pages - just one big sheet. Do need to be able to adjust the zoom for all sheets in a workbook in one go.

    Love the Formulas tab, gotta be much easier to find formulas you previously didn't know about. Can I easily intergrate my own libraries in there (+ meta-help-data)?

    Julie wrote:

    We've taken a lot of the Auto/Pop-up features out.

    Great we all hate them in my little firm. Even things like the Office clipboard that remembers the last 24 items you copied to it. It leaps out at you to tell you what it's done, thieving a fifth of the screen real-estate, and generaly annoys the hell out of you. I really appreciate the sentiment, it means well, but god it's bloody annoying. My users constantly find themselves fighting the army of auto-formatting rules as well.

    Lastly, and I appreciate not really your fault at all, but  please please can you make Excel more reliable when working with Bloomberg AddIn software? Trust me we do whine to B-berg about it , but if MS phoned them up ans said "hello, you appear to be causing a lot of our users pain" it might provide a helping hand.

  • Shell Team - Exploring and Using Windows Vista

    Cool. I never realised how powerful that little serach box is. When I was poking around beta 1 for the first time I met the new control panel for the first time and thought. o - cr*p where is eeverything these days. Didn't realise I could just search for "resolution".
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