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Sk4rlath Sk4rlath The lesser of two Sampys (in age only).
  • Vertical text looks really ugly

    Sven Groot wrote:
    I took the liberty of reporting this issue.
    Why, thank you sir! I had completely forgotten about that.

  • Vertical text looks really ugly

    I knew I should have posted this first.  OTL

    Now do you see what I mean by ugly?

  • Vertical text looks really ugly

    Let me know if there's something I'm doing wrong here.

    Turn on ClearType and open up C# Express and drop a ToolStrip on the side of a form. Add a button and set the following properties:

    TextAlign = BottomCenter
    TextDirection = Vertical90
    TextImageRelation = ImageAboveText
    ImageAlign = TopCenter

    Look at the text on the button - it's ugly! It looks like all the extra ClearType pixels are all black making the font look really bold and aliased.

    Is this a bug in GDI+, or do I have something not set right?

  • Hello Tablet world!

    Oh, by the way: Whoever commented (I can't remember names), the reason your ink doesn't look as smooth is because Microsoft.Ink isn't picking up on your external tablet's pressure - it's treating it as mouse input.

  • Hello Tablet world!

    I'm not getting a messagebox either.

    If it helps any, I can see the control's bounding boxes with the 'loading applet' glyph in the corner for a split second before the ink enabled message comes up.

  • Hello Tablet world!

    Charles wrote:
    Hmm. I don't think that's a very reliable test. Basically, the CLR Loader is smart enough to load the right version based on what the compiled managed exe is built against. I really don't know why this is happening. I need to dig in more.


    Well, that assembly was written in 2003, so that means it's built against 1.1, right?

    Regardless, I hope the issue (either on my side or yours) gets resolved. Can't wait to show the world my terrible handwriting! =D

  • Hello Tablet world!

    Charles wrote:
    You added an Iexplore.exe.config file to your IE directory with this content:

          <supportedRuntime version="v1.1.4322" />


    You are correct sir, though mine is not as nicely indented. Both with and without the config I report loading 1.0. (by the way, I'm using http://www.cs.odu.edu/~asampson/code/test.html to test my version - just calling Assembly.GetAssembly(typeof(string)).ToString() and displaying it).

  • Hello Tablet world!

    I wrote a UserControl in both 2002 and 2003 and hosted them in IE. Both report to use 1.0, even with the redirection iexpore.exe.config I copied from another post. So I am loading 1.0. How do I make it use 1.1 instead?

  • Hello Tablet world!


    • .NET 1.0 and 1.1 installed, (2.0 is uninstalled and I've rebooted since)
    • IE 6
    • Tablet XP SP2
    • Not signed in on Passport
    • Experience Pack installed
    • SDK 1.7 installed
    • C9 trusted
    • gacutil /cdl has been run
    • EDIT: Running as a User, not an Administrator.

    I can get to the Inking reply page, but it says I'm not ink enabled! Microsoft.Ink is in the GAC both 1.7 and 1.0.

    Maybe add the exception info in a link called "Technical Details" so we can see what's going wrong?

  • Hello Tablet world!

    Sorry about the repro info - couldn't think of anything else that wold have affected it, but you hit the nail on the head. I do have 2.0 installed because I wrote my Summer of Express entry on this tablet. Is there any way I can set up my machine.config to redirect everyone to 1.1 instead of defaulting to 2.0? This has also caused some ASP.NET problems for me and I was wondering if there was a solution that doesn't require me to un/reinstall Express every time I want to switch (that's a hassle, being a LUA and all). I wouldn't mind having to run something to switch back and forth, but the installation process is lengthy.