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  • "I have the Minority Report UI.."

    If Windows 8 doesn't have some sort of Kinect support built in, I'll be really disappointed. With posts like this, surely Microsoft sees where Kinect can take us...?

    I'm considering buying a second one and playing around with that. May improve the wonky skeletal tracking.

  • "I have the Minority Report UI.."

    That's me!

    Honestly, I'm just trying to make the possibilities public knowledge. I'm a back-end coder, great at making things work, but I absolutely suck at design. I also suck at Win32, which is how all this Windows control stuff works. 

    I may or may not pursue the project. It's up on Codeplex because I'm not allowed to sell it, so it makes sense to open source it. I'll gladly accept anyone who wants to contribute as long as they know (more or less) what they're doing. 

    I also really hope I'm not the only guy doing this. Building a gesture system is not that hard. Making it work gracefully, despite the lack of grace in human movement; making it work with the underlying OS; those are hard.

    No plans for audio. Windows already has a great speech recognition system, and the Kinect has an awesome mic array that Windows detects as a mic array.

    About a dozen other videos on this project on my YouTube channel.

  • Ping 23: Yahoo Partnership, Wave launches, Win7 for testers & Amazon milk ratings

    they're full of it.


    In an Email from Microsoft dated today:


    Thank you for doing your part in making Windows 7 great! As a member of the technical beta program you took the time to download, install and give us your feedback on Windows 7 during development. Over the last 7 months you have participated in chats, live meetings and newsgroups as well as reported bugs to help us find and fix many issues. To recognize your outstanding contribution to the product we are pleased to offer you a complimentary copy of Windows 7 for your personal use.


  • 10-4 Episode 12: Simplifying Your Code With C# 4.0

    Wow, this video is so clear I thought I could click the Visual Studio 'Close' button.
  • Building Channel 9: Inside EvNet - Part 1

    Great video... And great timing; I hadn't heard of URL routing being built into the Framework, and was thinking of something like it for a project I'm working on.  Now I can just go look it up.  Thanks for a great video.
  • Bill Gates: ​Transitioni​ng into the Future

    Just noticed the new C9 video player.  Much improved, guys.
  • Bill Gates: ​Transitioni​ng into the Future

    C9 supports pingbacks now?  This is gonna be interesting.  At least it was an MSDN blog Smiley

    Haven't been watching the video page lately; linked here from Jeff's twitter.  Thanks Jeff.
  • The Channel 9 beta has been updated...

    Bas wrote:

    Reset Password

    We can't send you your password, but we can help you reset it.
    Provide the email address you registered with and an email will be sent to your address with your new password.
    System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at EvNet.Services.Emails.SendForgotPassword(EvNetUser User, String email) in C:\projects\Dev\EvNet\Services\Emails.cs:line 93 at EvNet.Services.MembershipProvider.Users.ResetPassword(String EmailAddress) in C:\projects\Dev\EvNet\Services\MembershipProvider\Users.cs:line 760 at EvNet.Web.Pages.UserResetPassword.ResetButton_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e) in C:\projects\Dev\EvNet\Web\Pages\UserResetPassword.cs:line 66

    So, did they forget to set CustomErrors="RemoteOnly", or was this in the interest of transparency? Smiley
  • The Channel 9 beta has been updated...

    Please fix this:
    The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred.
  • The Channel 9 beta has been updated...

    Ooh, it seems to load faster than my last visit to the beta (IMHO the biggest issue it had a couple months ago). 

    So are the transparent PNGs being used as spacers? If so, why?
  • Jeff Sandquist: ​Skateboardi​ng, Channel 9 and Life at Microsoft

    508MB for 30 minutes? Jeez, this better be HDTV quality Smiley It's not about the space, it's about having to wait 45 minutes before I can view it cuz of a wierd ActiveMovieWindow popup issue I've been having... 
  • Sharepoint Products and Technologies 2007 -- the server side of Office

    dillona wrote:
    Really interesting video, however what happened to the Jessica Arnold Office video on the home page?

    The C9 big guys rotate the videos; you can still access that thread at http://channel9.msdn.com/Showpost.aspx?postid=195021 or just go to the Videos section and click on it. 

    This rotation provides a way to keep the new videos visible.
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