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  • Clang: Defending C++ from Murphy's Million Monkeys

    @thesaint: It's been a while since i last checked that page Embarassed
    From what i remember. i read something about that they will not provide windows binaries in the future due to the devs not having enough experience with windows or something like that. Perhaps i remember wrong.

    I'm not that familiar with linux type compilations. My experience have been that it is messy and complicated and will pollute the windows environmental paths beyond recognition. In other words its better not to even try it because it may not even work and will possible break windows.

    Sounds like good news though. If it really is that simple now.

  • Clang: Defending C++ from Murphy's Million Monkeys

    I've been wanting to switch over from gcc to clang for about a year or two now. This talk just makes me want it even more but alas it doesn't have good windows support yet Crying

    They do not even provide windows binaries you have to figure out how to compile the thing yourself  Crying and that's not even a good option. Not a simple as loading the solution file and press 'build solution' button.


  • Day 2 Keynote - Herb Sutter: C++11, VC++11 and Beyond

    I don't get one part of that session so far (still watching..)
    void f( const shared_ptr<widget>& spw) ...

    If you are not going to use the sharing part of shared_ptr than why not just do this:
    void f( const unique_ptr<widget>& spw) ... ?

    Was that just a bad example mr Sutter used ?

  • Variadic Templates are Funadic

    I was watching the day 1 big video of this and boom failure.

    When i refreshed the page the day 2 video was in its place Perplexed

    So not where can i get hold of day 1 video ?