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    Why isnt the navigation working when using a panorama page?

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    Mr. Tabor.

    I really enjoy this series of tutorials. I find it as one of the most professional tutorials on the net available today. I even consider to join LearnVisualStudio.NET.

    I know this is not really the best place to ask, but I hope for a short help.

    I did go throu the whole tutorial, and did myself the application aswell. All went great.

    The problem, I have, is that if i change the "layout" of the main page to panorama, somehow the ViewEdit page stops working.

    I get the  path must be a valid file name error on the

    using (var file = appStorage.OpenFile(fileName, System.IO.FileMode.Create))

    line. Same as i try to delete a file.

    What is interesting, in the panorama "setup" is that i get the files to be saved and even i can see them as on the pivot "setup". But as I click or select one of them I get to the ViewEdit page, but no data is updated. 

    I think there is some sort of problem or difference (pivot, panorama) in the line:

    fileName = NavigationContext.QueryString ["id"];

    If you have a short time, please consider to have a look at my problem.


    Thank you very much, and I wish you the best, and more successful videos like this.


    Best regards, Andrew.