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  • Otto Berkes - Origami's Architect gives first look at Ultramobile PCs

    I'm surprised the keyboard shown in the year-old video disappeared in the press release. It would be great to have that.

    I became a HPC user 1+ yr ago and am currently using a J720. Brand new, it has a 8+ hr battery life and comes in at 1.1 lbs. It has a 6.5" LCD, too bad it uses DSTN is virtually useless anywhere outside of an office (and even in the office, it is stale compared to the latest greatest "brite" LCD).

    MS, Samsung and Asus, please please please, don't repeat the mistake of HP and other HPC OEMs who priced their HPC at $1k entry-price and targeted (READ: hoped) the corporate folks will lap it up. They did it again with the TabletPC. Fortunately Bill has more sense and set a price range from $500~$1000. I just hope the OEMs have more long term market sense to price their UMPC at a affordable price like $500 or so than repeat the HPC mistake.

    On the keyboard again, if the case cum keyboard combo is bundled as a default accessory, it would make it a great device! Either a USB or BT keyboard would be good enough.

    Actual 8+ hr battery life really enables a mobile device of that size to grow into a different usage model. I just took a flight from LAX to Singapore via HongKong (18hr or so) and was able to use my HPC (Jornada 720) as a book reader along the trip without once needing to recharge. Granted I didn't have it on all the trip, I was never worried about battery life. By the time I reached Singapore my HPC still had 50% batt life! Now try that with a notebook! If a UMPC can do that, I'm sold. Big Smile Big Smile