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  • The Visual Studio Documentary: Part One (In celebration of the 2010 Launch)

    Really nice! I couldn't help and watched part 2 already, sorry! Wink

  • Christopher Brumme - Is a managed kernel possible?

    In my opinion,

    Windows' kernel should definately become .NET-based in the future, when hardware will be better. Old Win32 kernel compatibility should be provided as an emulated environment, just like is DOS today in Win32. Getting the kernel to .NET is a needed step forward, and even if the computers will run it slower, it will be extremely benefic especially for developers (including drivers developers or so, which today have many headaches with developing on the not-managed core of Windows). Personally, I always exchange speed on elegance, therefore, I vote for it: bring .NET to the Windows core as soon as technically possible and economically possible...

    Beside those thoughts, I think that Micrsoft should talk with Intel, AMD or so, to create .NET-supporting processors, processors which hopefully will be able to run MSIL directly, therefore, very fast! What do you think about this hardware change to come together with the new .NET Windows core?