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  • Bob Palmer - Tour of Microsoft Studios

       Did you notice that Bob never really answered what the red light was for, he just mentioned that the room was used for "DriveTime" sales reports.  There are certainly rooms just as important as this room in MS Studios.  Earlier in the video Bob is whispering in one of the studios while work is going on, but there is no red light.   Certainly, if red lights were an indication of something "in production"  then there would have been one here.  Now go to about 24:04 on the video, the videographer (sorry didn't catch name) asks "What is with the red light in the middle of the hallway?," and Bob just chuckles, but no real respone, he just goes on to explain what the room is for.  Now go to 24:47 exactly and you will see a the back of a man with oragish hair, a maroon sweeter of a dress shirt and what appears to be an Xbox travel bag of some sort.  I believe the reason for the red light is because that person is Bill Gates.  The red light means do not interupt!!!!