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Srikanth_t Srikanth_t
  • These are a few of my favorite things

    , vesuvius wrote


    I love this


    Beautiful!  Thank you.

  • These are a few of my favorite things

    A Parallel.ForEach with ParallelOptions

    String.Join that takes IEnumerable<T>

    My own customized code snippets whenever needed

    A Xamarin in my Visual Studio

    These are some of my favorite things....

  • How Nokia 2520 ad should look like


    My post is about making a stronger case against the ridiculous iWork claim by Apple. The ad should be more directed...with an actual multiple monitor, working on office suite, with outlook connected to exchange server in a real office setting.

    In other words, seperate targeted ads for different use cases.

  • Nokia 2520 vs iPad Air

    It is indeed amazing how people could be like sheep.

  • How Nokia 2520 ad should look like


     A professional is on the move... but working collaboratively with two apps side by side thanks to LTE connection. He/she walks up to the desk and docks with multiple monitors. The side by side apps then snap seperately to seperate monitors.  iWork don't work like this. Case closed.

  • How to sell Windows 8 (and phone and tablets)

    A simple dongle like this would be great. XBOX 360 is too costly... especially for somebody who doesn't want to use it main feature ( aka games ).


  • How to sell Windows 8 (and phone and tablets)

    I don't have time or interest in playing XBOX 360 games.  So.... I need a cheaper alternative to cast media and also mirror the screen on to my TV.

    I can make a guess that there are a lot of people just like me. I like that windows 8.1 comes with built in Miracast support....but I heard it doesn't work properly.

  • Where is the WP feedback that gets taken seriously ?

    , PeterF wrote

    The status bar is something the app developer can turn off. If any of your apps is hiding it, give feedback and maybe the developer will enable it in a future update..

    Well, the Facebook app is indeed not hiding the status bar...BUT... it seems like WP default behavior to show only the time. The Signal strength, WiFi indicator, battery indicator are STILL automatically flying out of the status bar.

  • Where is the WP feedback that gets taken seriously ?

    Alright....somebody give me Windows Phone feedback link ?

    - Implement notification center. Essentially bring notification center when swiped right on Home screen.

    - Please keep the status bar on the top. Don't let it disappear. It's a really useful thing to keep the status bar on the top visible all the time. 

      I DON'T HAVE TO Close the app or Go to home screen just to see signal strength, time, etcetra. 

  • The end of the road for Blackberry?


    , cbae wrote


    WP has had at least one major update and one minor update every year since inception. Out of curiosity, how frequently are iOS and Android updated?

    Obviously can't spend time researching on it right now.. but both iOS and Android feel much quicker.

    My previous phone was Samsung Nexus S exactly 2 years ago. It came with Gingerbread 2.3.4.  

    So, in 2 years  = Gingerbread -> Honeycomb -> Ice cream sandwich -> Jelly Bean -> KitKat

    iOS = 4.2.2  ->  5.0  ->  6.0  ->  7.0

    The problems with MSFT is that... it's "Real" competitiveness only started with WP 8.0. Atleast, that's how the market feels it. May be because the previous versions are discontinued  and 8.0 represents the "new" base version ?