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Srikanth_t Srikanth_t
  • The end of the road for Blackberry?

    Oh and don't forget Moto X variant phones...with unique take on "Touchless control" feature.

    The point is, every phone maker is coming up with some differentiation on how they are packaging hardware with software features on top of it. Look at LG G2 and it's take on Copy queue/Copy list feature ( NEAT! ).

    Being a dev in the MSFT world, I have always looked at things in msft world favorably ...so I went with Lumia 928 ( that and $0 on 2-year VZ contract ... lol). 

  • The end of the road for Blackberry?

    while it may be good news for Microsoft it needs to step up it's game. With every new vendor that is coming up with brand NEW take on Android platform, there is no need for consumers to stay loyal to iOS or the newly adopted windows.

    It's been a month and a half since I got my brand new Lumia 928.... and I am already eagerly waiting for windows phone updates...which feels like frikking ETERNITY. 

     Meanwhile, we have seen blackberry Z30, LG G2 (which is awesome). Anybody in microsoft has heard of SHORTER RELEASE cycles ? Agile/Scrum ?

    I do not understand the malaise that effects Microsoft development delays.  

    And please implement mail search on yahoo, gmail, etcetra (non-exchange accounts)...seriously this thing was working in iPhone 3gs for Pete's sake.

  • Microsoft buying Nokia ?

    This is a lose-lose situation.

    Microsoft always had Nokia to rely on to keep making awesome phones and also the upcoming Nokia Tablets. Was there any indication that Nokia would stop making making new devices for windows ? No.  Why did Microsoft just lose cold hard cash ?  I don't know.

    From Nokia's side, this is even worse. They may have gotten immediate cash but lost all *control* to move innovations on their *own* terms. Nokia figured out the main competency and marketing schtick ..which is centered around camera. Microsoft might have thought how windows phone should look like with it's surface phone idea....but clearly Nokia figured out something else.  Nokia seriously lost this because they could have as well put Android on their awesome phones. It's always good to have options. What's the point of losing options ?

  • Time for a new phone ..​.Conflicted between 925 and HTC One


     And the major point of contention is HTC One Zoe app.  Saw a really cool small movie edited by my buddy ....Zoe is a really neat video editing tool.

    Anything similar coming up for Lumia line ? The offline maps in Lumia is a nice thing....now, if they only had a video editing tool.

  • U.S. government is ruining the U.S. based cloud and hosting business

    Oh these are all "esoteric" topics. We wouldn't want the Christy Kreme, who is the true representative of the 9/11 victims to admonish us ... do we ?

       No... let's all hail the Neocon policies and waste 5000 more soldiers lives in yet another Neocon war... all for nothing.

  • Is there an NSA API ?

    Looking at many comments here, I have to wonder if anybody knows anything about the US Constitution.

    USA is not a PURE DEMOCRACY. It's a constitutional republic with representative democracy. Which means, no matter how much "MAJORITY" you think you may have, you cannot take away certain fundamental rights of other citizens. You cannot vote away, my rights such as :

    1. Right to free speech,religion.

    2. Right to own arms

    3. Right to be secure in persons,papers and property

    So on and so forth.

    This is NOT just some dogmatic adherence to rigid philosophy. Au Contraire, it makes perfect sense.

    Imagine old wild west. A group of 24 cowboys CANNOT conspire together to take away the property of the 25th cowboy (how convenient for 24 conspirators right- also called DEMOCRATIC MOB). To the extent that citizens fundamental rights need to be ensured, establishing strong police and justice system is indeed within the confines of the constitution.

    The fourth amendment states the citizens right to be secure in their papers. In modern day, most of my papers are electronic documents. So no matter whatever the DAMN Kangaroo court says, You CANNOT take breach my papers without SPECIFIC court order of SPECIFIC AND DEFINITE "LOCATION" to be searched and SPECIFIC documents to be seized.

    Kangaroo court issuing blanket authorization for random documents, random locations of random people is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

    Of course, it is incumbent upon citizens not to devolve in to genuflecting dunces who take everything that the Gubmint says at face value. Unless ofcourse, we like this country to devolve in to a Banana Republic where laws don't matter.


  • Is there an NSA API ?

    It's so cute actually....Just the general sniveling and genuflecting of grown men at the altar of all things Gubmint. 

  • Is there an NSA API ?

    Would be nice to update a live tile every time a file is respectfully and reverently submitted to NSA. Clearly the most active live tile....just imagine...one minute it's a photo, another minute it's your personal video.

  • Democrat and Republican lambasted Apple for working the system in a way they said was unfair, if not unpatriotic.

    Reply to EvilDictator and Cbae :

    Do you people actually ever look at the numbers or you just talk in some abstract vaccum all the time ?.

    When I said Libertarians favor strong police and justice system....how did you reckon the we don't want to pay for it?

    If you look at the itemized yearly expenses of the US federal government, the expenses are in the following order ( generalized approximate numbers)

    1. Military/Defense = $1 Trillion approx

    2. Soc Security = $700 billion

    3. Medicare, medicaid = $600 billion

    4. Interest on debt = $250 billion.

    so on and so forth. Literally Trillions being spent. All of the drunken sailors in erstwhile British Empire couldn't spend like this if they wanted.

    I WANT the government to spend on infrastructure....on the awesome interstate system, on providing a strong justice system. If the government actually sticks to the few and ENUMERATED responsibilities.... they should be cutting taxes as the monies required for them would be a fraction compared to the big ticket items of today.

    In fact, by insisting on running a military empire and ponzi schemes..the government is not actually able to spend on infrastucture as the situation stands today.Clearly, the spending is screwed up.

  • Democrat and Republican lambasted Apple for working the system in a way they said was unfair, if not unpatriotic.

    Whoever brings the ridiculous example of Somalia have some serious problems with mental comprehension.

    The most fundamental postulate of Libertarianism is the protection of citizens life, liberty and property. These basic rights are repeatedly affirmed in the fundamental Bill of rights of US constitution. To the extent that these rights of citizens have to be protected, a strong police force and justice system are fully favored by even the most limited government proponents.

    The last I checked, your life, liberty and property are not safe in Somalia.