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Srikanth_t Srikanth_t
  • Lumia 928... Really ?

    , MasterPie wrote


    Yes. Did you think they'd make only one phone a year?


    The rest of your post has to do with the software, which doesn't need to change for every hardware release, and thus, isn't really relevant.



    what exactly do you mean by this?


    Unless any recent updates changed it...you can't label contact fields the way you like in windows phone...can you ?

  • Lumia 928... Really ?

    May be microsoft should pay the individual developers of popular apps to make the windows store versions.  Maps needs to be on par with the competition (g***le Smiley ). Unified notifications center, workspaces for enterprise and personal, are needed. Full videoconferencing with app sharing...(more for surface tablets).

  • Lumia 928... Really ?

    Lumia 928....really ? really ?

    10.2 mm width and 160 grams. "Big dissapointment" is an understatement. Oh ...and software stays the same... no special service or app or anything.

    And don't get me started on Windows Phone 8. Missing custom fields, street view maps, temple run2, temple run oz, flat UI, jeez.

    Only the offline maps are the compelling thing.

  • Just migrated to ​VS2012...​what's up with the Flat look and feel ?

    @CaRDiaK:  Agree that the features, productivity, etcetra are awesome. It's just the UI that are annoying to me.... especially the all CAPS menu bar. That's frikkin' lame.

    Is the entire industry that has 3D gradient buttons everywhere doing it wrong ? If 2-D flat cartoons is really that cool, Pixar would have never been born. 

  • Just migrated to ​VS2012...​what's up with the Flat look and feel ?

    While I like all the 2012 overall.....really ? All capital letters in the Main menu, flat buttons with no depth....what is this ? pre windows 3.0 world ?

  • Hobby electronics programming

    Up until few years ago, I used to dabble in freelance projects exclusively using parallax products. Nice one stop shop for Microcontrollers, Servos, Sensors, whole bunch of things.

  • Sexiest Man Alive

    I second Eric Lippert too

  • We need surface/win 8 touch subsidized NOW

    Oops... i meant Windows RT and 8 needs to be more performant.

  • We need surface/win 8 touch subsidized NOW

    Ok..the writing is on the wall..... cut a deal with OEMs ....free windows 8 for a year. or cash back to people or whatever...and stop p*sing them off.

    Concentrate, spend more time on making Windows 8 more performant.

    The UI is not 3-D aero style but flat drab 2-D style and the battery still gets less than iPad ? WTF ? Surface NEEDS TO BE more performant. Make more usable apps.

    Quit spending resources and energy on trying to be a hardware guy.

  • We need surface/win 8 touch subsidized NOW

    What iPad has indeed shown is, you can't have lag, jitteriness, lack of feedback and downright unresponsiveness on Tablets. Fanboys are indeed not helping.

    I stopped by at Microsoft store on the first day and immediately noticed that Asus Vivo RT (at Bestbuy) is more responsive than Surface RT. But even then, many WinRT apps suffered from bad UX design. I would touch on something in an app and couldn't tell if the App has started doing something or if the touch failed to register. After touching the same app couple of times, the first action would start anyway. The general laginess in almost every app was not good at all.

    I want this thing to succeed. But the whole thing needs to be more performant on the ARM processors.

    In the end, I kept thinking, why would I shell out 500 bucks for this. At the basic level though, the basic framework (live tiles, charms, etcetra) looks exciting and I like the flow, but things gotta improve .....