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Srikanth_t Srikanth_t
  • real republicans are northerners



    Yes, I would be glad to explain. Let's take today's topic for example. Today Obama proposed raising $1.6 trillion revenue over the next decade by means of Tax increases on "those rich" people.

     Lot of Dem voters seem to have hard time deciphering Obama's today's lie. You see, Obama is running $1 trillion deficit PER YEAR. His proposed tax increases on "those rich" people amounts to nothing on a PER YEAR basis. As usual, he offers KoolAid, and Dem voters just drink it. If Obama were not a liar, he would tell the truth. If he intends to fill the deficit by Taxes only...then taxing "those rich" amounts to nothing. He really needs to tax "us middle class" people. Then, only then, can his $1trillion/year deficit can be covered. Comprende' ?

    Now, I understand that lot of Liberals believe that if only the taxes on "those rich" can be increased  and spending not reduced, we can all hold hands and enjoy the milk and honey. But sometimes, Liberals need to drink coffee and smell their "batshit" ( to use your language).

    Given that I work with commodity prices, interest rates, FX rates data and use advanced statistical models to perform option valuation and risk metrics on millions of dollars of my customers commodity portfolios for my "daily" living ( and actually make a pretty good living at that), I would be glad to explain any other economic topic of interest to you. Do let me know what topic you need a little bit teaching on.

  • real republicans are northerners

    The economically challenged anti-Ron paul  NeoCon republicans seem to like wasting Trillions of dollars on ill-conceived wars. Not to mention, they themselves will never go fight in those wars. Or send their own kids. They just like to sit in the comfort of Air conditioned rooms and cheer the children of poor people as they waste their lives in ill conceived wars. The shorter words to describe these people are "Neo-Con Chicken hawks".

  • real republicans are northerners

    As usual, the Economics challenged people making un-informed comments.

    Ron Paul, September 6, 2001.. On the floor of the Congress.

       He pleaded with the Congress and the president Bush not to embark on yet another Government engineered economic bubble called Housing bubble. He predicted the exact trajectory of commodity prices, interest rates, FX rates, GSE securities, you name it.... all of that 7 years in advance. His  many speeches on economics (over many years)are part of the official congressional records and can be accessed at www.house.gov.

     On the other hand, we have the Economically challenged keynesian called Paul Krugman, who, in 2001 advocated for a housing bubble in response to the Dot Com Crash. Yet another clueless Keynesian, Fed Chariman Ben Bernanke, as late as 2007 was on primetime CNBC saying "sub-prime crisis is contained" and there is no financial crisis. That's right. He was on Primetime CNBC making this Economically challenged claim.

     Now, I understand that Economics is not everybody's subject of interest. But then, everybody seems to chime in on subject they know nothing about ( by electing economically challenged Obama).

  • real republicans are northerners

    By the way, Ron Paul was the only Republican candidate who would go to many college campuses across the country and pull in thousands of kids in to his rallys.

     He bought the youth in to Republican party and the mental comprehension challenged Repub voters (both north and south)  did not want any of that. In defense of the North though, I would like to point out one Brownie point, Ron Paul did come in second in New Hampshire primary.

  • real republicans are northerners

    Those of us in the Ron Paul movement have warned that Romney has no chance of getting elected if they snub us so blatantly during the primary process. The clear fraud committed by the Repub establishment at the convention was the nail in the coffin as far as our support is concerned. Millions of us contributed to Ron Paul's campaign.

    The main problem with Repub voters seem to be their insistence on wasting so much money on American military empire. The money wasted leaves no room for them to reduce the spending....and they are left to ridiculous tactics like cutting funding for the big bird and other such inane things. How much does the big bird cost ? those funds are not even enough to cover a day's worth of Fed Government spending. 

    Of course, this does not mean Dems are any better when it comes to the Fed government budget. It is a foregone conclusion that Dems/Liberals are economically challenged.

    Repubs had a true chance in electing a genius when it comes to Economics.

  • Tried out some Windows 8 devices

    @spivonious: you are most welcome.  Glad you guys got it for a discount.  Being a serious VC++, Win32API dev in my earlier jobs, I am super partial to systems that are responsive. Infact, I prefer that apps consume less cpu cycles, less memory, so on. 

    Please do post updates, like for example how easy is it to play stuff on the Big TV, Skype experience, good apps, so on.

  • Tried out some Windows 8 devices

    @spivonious: I tried out both these things for a max 10 mins at each location and did not try the Asus with it's keyboard.

    I definitely liked the glossy screen and shiny back of Asus. Not sure if my mind is conditioned to like the "consumer look" of Asus. The tablet itself felt lighter (did not try with the keyboard as i said). Felt more responsive (atleast as far as I perceived it). Ran bunch of apps specifically to test out the responsiveness.

    Surface felt industrial and also more "wider". I thought the camera in Surface was sharper. Liked the surface touch keyboard. I might have been prejudiced by the surface review article at "the verge", but I did feel that the bottom of the kickstand was pointy and sharp. I can see how it could scratch your lap if you rest it on your lap. 

       Also, I did not ask if either of them support DLNA. Would be nice to stream content wirelessly to  the big TV.

  • Tried out some Windows 8 devices

    I tried out ASUS at bestbuy too. And then the SurfaceRT at the local mall. I felt the glossy finish of Asus was more appealing. Also, responsiveness was better than Surface RT.

    One thing that annoyed me on Surface RT. I installed AccuWeather app from the store. The animated clouds were showing up on the live tile. But when the app was opened, it slowed down the whole system.

    In general, I also felt the many standard apps had a not so desirable behavior.... which is.... the animated icon showing the fetching of the contents. on many apps I opened, I had to wait for the thing to fetch. Although this is more about the app design, but I felt some content should be pre-fetched.

  • Nexus 7 tablet sales approaching 1m a month

    Yes. Add myself to that count. I am getting this as a gift to someone.

  • Really bad Bing and Nokia maps behavior

    @kriskdf:  Hi Kris, I noticed this on bing.com/maps and on Nokia Lumia 900 windows phone at a local AT&T store in Dallas, Texas. Hope this helps.