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Srikanth_t Srikanth_t
  • TakingAYear​Off

    For vast majority of people, I really don't see any benefit in doing Masters with respect to doing their job more effectively. Ofcourse, if your intention is to stay close to a professor and continue doing actual practical work in the lab, and further your own quest that way, I guess I see the benefit. Lab facilities in the universities are certainly better than what you can do in your garage. And if you can manage to fund your Masters via financial aid, that is even super duper.

    I wish you luck and continued success.

  • "Performant code" - The writing on the wall


      I define code as being performant if it uses less memory and less cpu cycles to perform an activity. I say this with a view on battery life (call me an enviro-whacko if you want).

    Have you used IE9? Chrome is not faster. Also, nobody forces managed code on you and it's a myth that managed code is slow...

     Honestly, I have not used IE9 but will do soon( once I can get some work out of the way Sad ).  But IE8 has been a hog every which way.

    I agree managed code doesn't mean slow and in some cases it could actually be faster.. try the following for example in managed and unmanaged....

    class xyz{
      // stuff

       // allocate some memory

     // de-allocate

         xyz  myObj = new xyz();
         // do some stuff
         delete  myObj;

     Managed code is faster above. The point I am trying to make is, code can be performant or non-performant REGARDLESS of the programming environment. It is the emphasis given by the developer (to perf) that makes the difference. I just get the feeling that devs have somehow gotten it in to their thinking that maintainable code means less performant code. Also there seems to be too much design patterns KoolAid drinking where we are layering libraries upon libraries. Obviously, there should be a proper balance struck between layering and not layering.

    Now coming to IE9, from what I read so far, it seems to be relying on GPU for a lot of it's speed...  what does that do to the battery life ( assuming the code base makes it's way in to handhelds). It seems Opera is coming close to IE9 even without hardware acceleration.

    The .NET VM (CLR) is super fast and its GC is one of the world's best. Now, WP7 does not employ the same GC (it can't... ARM "requires" that you use a non-generational GC. Yes, quotes for a reason around requires - it's a really, really hard technical problem that the WP7 team hasn't solved).

    I see competitors with full aqua/glass effect enabled, and I see WinPh7 with rectangle buttons...and still the battery life is subpar.

    So, be clear. You are talking about WP7 (which means Windows CE, the Compact Framework and a non-generational GC). XNA on the phone is pretty blazing given the environment. Silverlight is pretty fast, too.

    If close-to-machine performance is your ultimate benchmark, then you know what language/tools/runtime you need to use Smiley

    What are you you saying, exactly, again? .NET has to what? Be as fast as Java? Come on...


     Everytime I see any decent sized silverlight app..my machine goes > 40%. Again, the question if how many cpu cycles is the code eating up.

  • "Performant code" - The writing on the wall

    @W3bbo: Google's plan of attack on "personal" computer is clear...  make compelling apps available over the web, counter the advantage of local computing by making "web os"... basically a super fast container for web apps. Of course, the achillees heel in this approach is the speed of the internet. 

    Last year Google tried to play chicken with internet service providers by threatening to do 1GBPS lines direct to home internet service all by it's own.  Of course, it is ridiculously funny because, if they ever embark on that approach they will quickly empty their vast cash reserves before they could even pay fees to 10 municipalities in the country ....ROFLMAO....

  • "Performant code" - The writing on the wall

    Whether it's the battery life on handheld devices or the browser speed on PC, the writing on the wall is clear for MS.... write "performant" apps/systems or be left in the dust.  I feel, at MS,  too much emphasis is being given towards coming up with different programming models/APIs rather than making the most basic things actually work. 

     I cannot help but get frustated when I notice the performance difference between bing maps vs google maps, IE vs Chrome, WP7 vs iPhone (even with Aqua/glass UI effects enabled)... I could go on and on... 

     I can understand the move to managed programming environment but then, Android side also uses Java...

  • iPad2 Vs Blackberry playbook

    @CKurt: Sorry about that. The " 'Nuff said " part is borne out of frustation. I feel MS is on the path to writing off Consumer market totally and relegating itself to Enterprise. But I think that kind of strategy is unwise as things could just as easily creep up there.

  • iPad2 Vs Blackberry playbook

    @CKurt:Are you serious ? MS has 10 year history of TabletPC going nowhere. 'nuff said.

  • iPad2 Vs Blackberry playbook

    No comparision.  9.5inch vs 7 inch.  iPad2 wins. Case closed.

     If you have a grandpa or grandma, would you suggest them a 10inch or 7inch ?

    Carry in a pocket ? Yeah right....that's what Smartphone is for.

  • WP7 update bricking some phones ?

    The point is - This is embarassing.

  • WP7 update bricking some phones ?

     the update is bricking Samsung phones ?  

  • Windows/​Metro concepts

     I concur with Bas. Too wordy, too texty.  Metro is more suitable to phone form factor (Panorama/Tabbed view more specifically). Not good for Tablet.

    That being said, coming with yet another look-alike of Android honeycomb or IPad is also not advisable. Doing so would only make it yet another Tablet in the market.  I think the live tiles would be a good idea for Tablet also. But enable the full Aero/glass UI effect. The drab looking flat rectangles are without any "taste".  Make everything wireless. I shouldn't be needing to connect to my PC or whatever to Sync.  Come out DLNA compliant right out of the box so that media experience in the living room is that much pleasant. Make the Map application more powerful and user-friendly so that people finally ditch their GPS gadgets for good ( it's happening anyway). My 2ยข.