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  • Erik Meijer: ​Democratizi​ng the Cloud

    Well, I have to say that there are some pretty good ideas, but overall this is completely the wrong direction.  This is the equivalent of META Perl.  Diversification of languages is a bad thing.  When you look at it at the meta level, it suffers the same afflications as Perl. 

    Too many ways to do the same thing!

    Developing code is easy.  That is not the hard part of a project.  We don't need dynamic typing, we don't need duck typing! (That is horrible!)

    The hard part is writing GOOD code.  Solid code.  Most projects spend 80% of the project in the defect fixing and support phase.  Strong typing, may make a little more difficult to originally develop the code, but it results in better code that is more robust AND the compiler does the work of finding your bugs for you.

    The single biggest cost in any software development project is fixing defects.  We need to go more and more towards the direction of strong typing and one langauge.  Not the other direction.

    I like some of the ideas here, but I really hope Microsoft does not come even close to going this direction.  VB.NET, while it has its good aspects, has caused some of the most expensive software development problems in the world.  The ease of use, results in misuse and undertrained developers taking on tasks bigger than they should and not learning enough to write good maintainable code.