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By day, Stacey Haffner is a Program Manager at Microsoft working on Xbox Live. By night (and on the weekends) she does indie game development and contributes back to the community, helping to drive developer excitement around gaming.



  • Dream.Build.​Play November Update

    @ManuelC: Happy to hear it! Good luck with the competition. :) 

  • Dream.Build.​Play November Update

    @ManuelC: I would suggest holding off on deleting your product - the team is currently investigating so that might hinder it. It is strange that you do not have Xbox Live section for a new product. I just created one and it shows up for me. Can you post on the MSDN forum thread about this? 

  • Dream.Build.​Play November Update

    @@ManuelC: I've reached out to the team to see where the investigation for your issue is at. While not the greatest solution, have you tried creating a new product in the portal and publishing the configuration that way? If you haven't filled out much of the submission stuff, this might be the quickest fix.



  • Introducing the Dream.​Build.Play Game Developer Competition

    @Pete: Thanks for the feedback! I forwarded it over to the folks who run the Dream.Build.Play website and also added the links to the description of the video.

  • Inventory and Store System - Part 4.2 (Populating the Data)

    @Racine Felipe:

    I am so sorry it's taken me so long to respond! This is a great question. From a general coding standpoint, you can change the scriptable object variables the same way you would any others. (It'll serialize and save the values.)

    From a design perspective, You'd want to have some sort of mechanism that checks the level of the player. Off the top of my head you have a few options. You could update items directly each time the player levels. Alternatively, when the object is being loaded in the UI you could have it check the level of the player and do calculations based on that. Either way, you'll probably need to create some helper methods on the scriptable object. Feel free to e-mail me at if you want to talk through some ideas. 

  • Unity Navigation - Part 2

    @Lee: It's a little hard to troubleshoot without seeing how you've got everything setup. How do you know that it's still looping if it looses the animation when you create the Indicator? Is it that it loops continuously when you leave it in the scene? Can you post your project out so I can take a look?

    Also, it would probably be quicker to help you work through this if you either email the dotgame at microsoft dot com alias or open an issue on the GitHub repo.

    @Anthony G: Thanks - I'm happy to hear that you're finding the videos helpful! :)

  • Introduction to .GAME

    @justin: They did not. :) There's a lot of other awesome engines out there that I'll be covering in upcoming videos - SadConsole, MonoGame and Duality being a few of them. 

    @John: .GAME is here to stay! 

  • Basics of Unity

    @Moondevil: Thanks! I've passed the information along to the team. I recommend voting for the item on User Voice if you have not already. 

    @geeyef: I find that the best way to think of a Prefab is as a template. You can use the template to create instances of the game object within the game (known as instantiating). I'll be showing a more practical usage of this in one of the upcoming videos. I am also thinking I might do a short tips/trick video that goes over it a bit more in depth. I hadn't planned on doing a video on how to import models/materials/textures or creating a new project, but I will add that to my list. Feel free to venture over to the GitHub repo and open an issue for any other topics that you'd like to see! I also love the idea of giving challenges to expand on topics covered. I did that for the Super Space Shooter series, which I've heard from a few folks was quite helpful. I'll look at how I can incorporate that in some of the upcoming episodes.

    @stahtufiang: Thank you for the kind words! :) 


  • Introducing C# Developers to Building Games with Unity - For the Hobby Developer

    @Lodu:. You can draw primitive objects in Unity out of the box and more complex ones with plugins. A good free modeling program to use is Blender. There's also a pretty good course on Udemy that teaches Blender - Learn 3D Modelling - The Complete Blender Creator Course

  • Build a Unity Game Part 4

    @prjcode - I pulled the project down and it looks to be functioning to me. There will be some minor deviations from the video as some properties needed to be shifted to get it working right. Do you have something specific that is missing? That will help me pinpoint the issue.

    Also, I'm happy that it was helpful!