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  • Introducing .NET Core 2.0

    If RuntimeIdentifiers allow you to create a .net standard library that will not run on all implementations of that standard version, then what's the point of having this standard?

    I assume .net 2.0 (that sharpziplib targets) has some api's that are not part of standard 2.0 and that's why you need the RuntimeIdentifiers so you can kind of hack it to work anyway?

  • Windows 10 on ARM

    I have 3 questions:

    1. Will .NET apps (like WPF, console) that target anycpu run natively, and will an extra ARM64 target be added there?

    2. Will there be the possibility to compile unmanaged win32 apps to ARM64 so they run natively on these machines? Larger and heavier apps and apps that run for a long time (think Photoshop, MS Office, AutoCAD) might benefit from it for both performance and battery life. An option to build unmanaged natively for ARM64 would give the developers of these apps the possibility to have their desktop apps running as smooth as possible.

    3. Is there a technical reason why the emulation does not support x86-64?