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  • Robert Green - Demo of Visual ​Basic/​Whidbey's data features


    Databinding comes of age!  That is too cool.  I like how the video pointed out that there is still "code" to write, and your not done, but the basic gunk we need to write, like Bindings, are done for us.  That is just too cool.  And the smart IDE helps so much.

    THANK YOU!!!!


  • Anders Hejlsberg - What brought about the birth of the CLR?

    I'd have to say that's it's nice to hear why they moved away from COM and into .NET and to hear them talk about how awful COM is to many programmers who must use it because that is all that there is.

    How bad was COM?  Many of us, myself included have only heard from others why COM was so ugly.  Is COM really that bad, or did you guys just decide to start from scratch because it was time to re-architect

  • Euan Garden - What are the myths about SQL Server (Yukon) that you'd like to correct?


    That is awesome to hear.  I know that i am not alone in the feeling that Microsoft isn't fully taking the plunge into managed code. 

    I am very excited to hear the integration with the CLR with SQL Server.

    As for the Office argument, i agree, Microsoft is a business, and why break what works?  Office is a huge app and would take a year or more to rewrite totally in managed code.

    Again, thanks for all your insights into SQL Server and expecially the develop roles with SQL Server.

    Chris Stepaniuk

  • Eric Gunnerson - Why are there so many programming languages?

    In the words of Kate Gregory,

    "if you like semicolons, pick a semicolons lanaguage.  If you don't like semicolons, pick a non-semicolons language."


    "if you were frightened by semicolons as a small child, some tramatic brace bracket incident, go with it will be fine."

    There is one thing i do agree C# is better for than VB.NET but that is just because i don't care for the array () bracket syntax of VB.NET.  I prefer [] bracks for arrays.
  • Euan Garden - What are the myths about SQL Server (Yukon) that you'd like to correct?


    Thanks for the discussion, i agree that taking those types of risks more often than not steel your sleep, but in the end pay off.

    Speaking of myths...

    I once heard that C# was going to be a replacement for C++, i laughed.  When i was asked why, i asked this person if they knew that office was written entirely in C++, and large chunks of Visual Studio are written in Managed C++, C#, and VB.NET just to prove they could do it.

    C++ isn't going anywhere, it will be around for many years, and you will continue to develop managed and unmanaged apps on the Windows platforms.
  • Euan Garden - What are the myths about SQL Server (Yukon) that you'd like to correct?

    clint_hill wrote:

    I would like to hear however a response from MS on some of the technology advantages of MySQL - honestly I don't know.

    One of the big advantages MySQL had for a long time was cost.  MySQL is free, except if you sell your product with it, then there are licensing fees.

    MySQL is a good database, don't get me wrong, it has strength over MS SQL, but most of those are lifestyle arguements.

    Chris Stepaniuk
  • Euan Garden - What are the myths about SQL Server (Yukon) that you'd like to correct?

    rchildress wrote:
    Skriker V1.0 wrote:

    What would you say to developers who are using MySQL to convince them to move over to MSSQL?




    Euan : That's easy! We got views and triggers!

    Lord don't get me started on this debate.  We have MySQL right now and i'm glad to say that we are finally converting to MS SQL Server.  I have not used MS SQL Server but i am finding it is less of a learning curve than MySQL.

    The other thing that MS SQL has are Stored Procedures, Backup and Restore Modules, Replication Services, and above all CONSTRAINTS!!!  In MySQL by default (maybe it's just the version im suing) there are not foreign key constrains.  You can type them with your CREATE TABLE syntax, but the server won't enfoce them!

    Lastly, MS SQL has Enterprise Manager.  Sure there are many GUI's written for MySQL, but the most popular one requires installing PHP on the server, not cool.
  • Eric Gunnerson - Why are there so many programming languages?

    Wow, i could never have said that better.  He totally hit the nail on the head.  I remember what Kate Gregory said once, "pick the language based on syntax".  Basically, if you feel comfortable doing it in C#, do it in C#, if it is more understandable in VB.NET, do it in VB.NET.

    There are things like writing custom collection i'd rather do in C# becuase i have less code and i like using [] brackets for array indexing.  For other things, i'd rather use VB for because i don't neccessarily need to worry about case, or i get better IntelliSense.

    Sticking to one language is very silly.  Knowing how to do stuff in many is better.  What happens when you write an app and the client forces you to use VB.NET so their guy's can maintain it when you done, but you only know C# or C++.  What do you do?