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  • Brian Harry: Team Foundation Server 2010

    Hey Bishop! 

    We have already made updates on the existing Agile template. You can see some information around what we have done by checking out this video on agile planning: You can also completely check out the updates to the agile template in the upcoming Dev10 September CTP. The goal of the Community Technology Preview is to obtain feedback from our customers on the new scenarios we have enabled. Starting on October 27th you can learn more about the CTP, get a link to the download and engage in a conversation with the team from here:

    I really prefer to talk about what we have done than promise stuff in the pipeline, so let's start there, and I'll just say that there are alot more things I would LOVE to see us do with process templates. As always, we really appreciate feedback about what's important to you, and I would love to see any feedback on the CTP set of changes to the agile template.

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    Stephanie Saad
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    Team Foundation Server
  • Agile Planning Templates in Visual Studio Team System 2010

    Yep - agree. It would be fun to do a longer video on all the excel features, including agile planning in excel complete with format persistence (so cool Smiley ) AND all the awesome new excel reporting features. I really like how the quick excel reporting works together with the Excel Services-based dashboards. It's incredibly quick now to create really powerful dashboards on all your data. Shoot, I didn't mean to type such a long reply, I just really like the features. Smiley We can talk with Brian about doing another demo here.