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Steve  Richter SteveRichter
  • Anders Hejlsberg: Introducing Async – Simplifying Asynchronous Programming

    the async stuff sounds great. Any plans in C# to make dependency properties a part of the language? Having to understand and debug dependency properties made learning WPF kind of hard for me.


  • First Look: Windows Phone 7 Hardware

    What happened to windows mobile?  I worry that MSFT is using windows phone as a way to lock customers into using bing and windows live. Better to focus on writing great software. Let customers decide what they want to use.


  • Hanselminutes on 9 - Gadget Basement with Ward Cunningham

    A commercial product which collected all this sensor data for a home security system would be awesome. A natural role for home server. A person with a protection order could monitor for the entry of the evil doer into their space. Or a surveillance system in your garden which would detect the presence of dear and do whatever it takes to keep them from eating your vegetables.

    On the personal measurement front, are there detectors that can hear heart beats and respiration in the vicinity? No doubt you can measure weight when a person steps on a door mat that contains pressure sensors. An ultimate nerd moment would be when your sound detection and analysis system sends an alert to the server warning that the person at a specific location is suffering from congestive heart failure.



  • Microsoft Board Member Helmut Panke

    ,exoteric wrote

    Sometimes an insiders view affords more optimism. There are still closed worlds that we can't see and that's probably best; sometimes, we are just kids that have to wait till christmas eve before we get to open the presents.

    Quotes: "Microsoft is a brand", "the brand is a promise". I wonder what Microsoft sees as it's "promise" and how it weighs promises vs deadlines?


    OK, but if the brand is personal computing, how did they allow themselves to fall so far behind in the hand held computing field?  Windows phone is shaping up to be a failure because the vast majority of hand helds can't run the OS.


  • Microsoft Board Member Helmut Panke

    I don't know. Microsoft sounds over confident to me. The BOD has to challenge management to explain why, for example, windows mobile never went anywhere, why Apple and Google are cleaning Microsoft's clock in seemingly all the areas where the companies compete head to head.

  • Allen Wirfs-Brock and Chris Wilson: EcmaScript, JavaScript and the Web

    scoping of variables confuses me in javascript. Also locks and threading. No specific question, but I would like to know if ecma script 5 has changes in those areas.

    Actually, an actual question has to do wth a merging of jquery and javascript.  Assuming all the browsers implement the event model and the DOM w/o any differences, what do we need jquery for?  If just the selector syntax, then maybe roll that syntax into ecmascript.




  • First Look at Lifecam Studio

    are similar picture quality improvements happening with surveillance cameras?   The 1080p and improved sound sensitivity would be great for IP cameras.  Would be awesome to have MSFT provide more programming and control capabilities in both web cams and ip cameras. Motion detection, sound analysis, ...

  • TWC9: WP7 RTMs, Future of Silverlight, Excel Importer, Robot Gun Turrets

    regarding silverlight, does Microsoft have plans to improve WPF? It is kind of complicated to work with. A basic requirement of a bulleted list is not easy to deliver in WPF, Silverlight and I am guessing WP7. And the process of styling a view seems easier with CSS than with WPF.  

  • Jonathan Edwards: Programming Futures and Declarative Objects

    Very interesting interview. I too have a very hard time working with async callback code. The presentation side of silverlight is awesome. But its reliance on WCF ramps up the complexity far too much.

  • VSLive 2010 Day 1 Keynote: Visual Studio 2010 and a Glimpse of the Future

    I had to bail out after 20 minutes. Does the lightswitch tool create C# code that provides all the functionality featured? Do I run the app in the browser or the desktop?