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  • Microsoft Board Member Helmut Panke

    I don't know. Microsoft sounds over confident to me. The BOD has to challenge management to explain why, for example, windows mobile never went anywhere, why Apple and Google are cleaning Microsoft's clock in seemingly all the areas where the companies compete head to head.

  • Allen Wirfs-Brock and Chris Wilson: EcmaScript, JavaScript and the Web

    scoping of variables confuses me in javascript. Also locks and threading. No specific question, but I would like to know if ecma script 5 has changes in those areas.

    Actually, an actual question has to do wth a merging of jquery and javascript.  Assuming all the browsers implement the event model and the DOM w/o any differences, what do we need jquery for?  If just the selector syntax, then maybe roll that syntax into ecmascript.




  • First Look at Lifecam Studio

    are similar picture quality improvements happening with surveillance cameras?   The 1080p and improved sound sensitivity would be great for IP cameras.  Would be awesome to have MSFT provide more programming and control capabilities in both web cams and ip cameras. Motion detection, sound analysis, ...

  • TWC9: WP7 RTMs, Future of Silverlight, Excel Importer, Robot Gun Turrets

    regarding silverlight, does Microsoft have plans to improve WPF? It is kind of complicated to work with. A basic requirement of a bulleted list is not easy to deliver in WPF, Silverlight and I am guessing WP7. And the process of styling a view seems easier with CSS than with WPF.  

  • Jonathan Edwards: Programming Futures and Declarative Objects

    Very interesting interview. I too have a very hard time working with async callback code. The presentation side of silverlight is awesome. But its reliance on WCF ramps up the complexity far too much.

  • VSLive 2010 Day 1 Keynote: Visual Studio 2010 and a Glimpse of the Future

    I had to bail out after 20 minutes. Does the lightswitch tool create C# code that provides all the functionality featured? Do I run the app in the browser or the desktop?

  • Hanselminut​es on 9 - ASP.NET MVC 3 and NEW ASP.NET Futures with Phil Haack and Morgan the Intern

    Is there still a need for ViewData to pass arguments to a Master page or an EditorFor template partial view? What is the reason for limiting a view to a single model object?  Would be neat to be able to pass arguments from a view to a master page.

  • Ch9Live at Tech.Ed NA 2010 - Ask Mark Russinovich Anything... LIVE!

    For some reason, sql server gives me all sorts of grief when I do installs, edition upgrades or try to use it from a user account.

    ( on that first case, I am 2 weeks in and MSDN still cannot correct the problem. Not that they are putting much effort into it.  But it is an open case. )

    Ideal, I think,would be if every process had a run log associated with it. Apps would have a common, always there, place to write diagnostic and error messages to. Pretty much what the IBM AS400 has with job logs and spooled output files.  In the case of my sql server troubles, when sql server decides it can't do something it would write detailed info about the error to the run log. Windows would store the run logs of completed processes. To review a problem, open up the runlog of the completed process and review the messages.


  • Ch9Live at Tech.Ed NA 2010 - Ask Mark Russinovich Anything... LIVE!

    Can I halt a running process in Windows and then examine the call stack of each of the threads of the process?

  • Ch9Live at Tech.Ed NA 2010 - Ask Mark Russinovich Anything... LIVE!

    Will system internals tools be released as open source?  I have Mark's latest edition of the system internals book. I would have gotten more out of the book if it showed how to get at the sys internals info with your own windows and kernel api code.


  • Bill Hill: One Ocean

    Some unordered thoughts:

    • the planet runs out of oil in, what, 150 years?  Coal and natural gas will also be depleted in a time frame close to that of oil.
    • Once the use of fossil fuels ends, the earth should recover from the damage done. No?
    • It is the huge and growing population of the world which is what endangers us and the planet.
    • Every  year, something like 3 million more people immigrate into the US. Those additional people both increase the American use of oil, they also decrease the amount of open space in the country. The less open space, the less the capacity to capture energy from the Sun.
    • I could go on, speculating about what comes of society and the planet when 10 billion people run out of the natural resources which enable a huge population to support itself. But I will not. I don't want to sound overly hysterical.
    • Holy cow, man. Think of what the future holds for us! 
  • Windows Home Server Vail

    any value to running WHS as the home network router?  I am running into limitations with consumer grade routers as I try to manage and access multiple IP cameras deployed on the network. I was told I need one to one NATing to map a block of static IPs to individual cameras. But then a Verizon tech told me their FIOS service router can route from the web to multiple cameras. Anyway, there is a lot I don't know about routers. Might be nice to have a home server that could provide a common set of features for routing traffic from the web to the systems on a home network.