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Steve  Richter SteveRichter
  • crazy anti-cop culture.

    Garner most likely died from chest compression, not from being grabbed around the neck. Yet the one cop the public sees on the video is the one put in legal jeopardy because of the outcry. Which is fundamentally unfair to the individual officer. 

    Body cams have a problem in that the police can use much less discretion when they stop someone. If your teenage son does something stupid you want a chance to make restitution and amends outside of the legal system.


  • a reason to use Chrome

    , Ian2 wrote

    Right mouse and select "save as"

    oh. so never mind. For some reason I saw "save target as" and was thinking it would save the link or something and not the actual file.

    One reason I got off on this tangent was because I was using the iTunes player in windows and could not save the podcast file to an MP3 file.  So I was thinking it is all a big conspiracy.



  • a reason to use Chrome

    from IE I cannot save an MP3 to a USB drive.  Clicking the MP3 link in the IE browser opens media player. Which plays the MP3 but has no facility for saving the file being played to disk. So I open the same web page in Chrome, click the MP3 link and the chrome player plays the MP3. And that player has a "save page as" option which saves the MP3 to the file system.

    ( I do not mind being shown I am wrong on this. I did ask on the Microsoft community forums and was told media player cannot save to disk. )

    Why would media player be locked down like this?  Are there ways to code extensions to media player? Would be useful to add a file menu or have a history facility that stores everything you have played, add bookmarks to locations in the files,



  • zero day

    , Jason818 wrote

    Aren't all suspense/mystery novels supposed to end with ether a knife or gun fight?

    Suspense thrillers that are blurbed by Bill Gates?  I don't think so.


  • zero day


    , cheong wrote

    Unless you know all the binaries of the system, ...


    Wouldn't the book's hero have a copy of all Microsoft binaries. Which he then compares against the binaries on the infected PC. The differences are the viruses, right?


  • zero day

    Anyone else read Mark Russinovich's book?  By suspending all disbelief it was halfway fun to read. But I can't say I understood after reading it how a computer virus could cause such havoc. And it was pretty disappointing how little the author explained the actual workings of the viruses.

    Why so difficult to identify what part of the OS a virus has infected? Sure, the virus can mask itself so that standard tools on the PC cannot see it. But what about tools which examine data stored on the PC without relying on any OS or BIOS routine?  Or attach the hard drive of a PC to another PC and examine it there.

    Is it possible to know the OS installed and all of its patches?  That is compare the OS code of an infected PC against what that code would be if only MSFT patches had been installed on the system. All the differences would be viruses installed on the system. From there you can compute some signatures or checksums that would tell you if other systems are infected in the same way?

    Yes, a virus will be mostly encrypted. But there still has to be hacked parts of the OS code that could be detected by a byte level comparison against an uninfected system, no?

    In the book I thought it odd that the hero was stumped by viruses on the PC he was called in to work on. And he actually saves the day by being shot at and eventually fighting one of the villains. Better to be matching wits with the virus writer with a culminating scene that has a lot of jargon laden dialogue between the two.




  • WTF, I have to buy the start menu back?

    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote


    Heat maps, Fitts laws, usage data, and copying Apple's attitude.

    Fortunately they've seem to add "listening to their customers" to that list as of late.

    Is the thinking that it confuses the user? Too many buttons to choose from?


  • WTF, I have to buy the start menu back?

    What was the reasoning behind getting rid of the start menu to begin with?  I understand I can find apps using search, but that is a keyboard route. Shouldn't there be a way to find apps using the mouse only?  Some sort of a tree that organizes all of the apps on the PC. with the user clicking on expandable nodes until they drill down to the app they are looking for?


  • New CEO Intro

    , Ian2 wrote

    In any event if all phones ran the same O/S and were 'equal' then people would still pay twice as much for an Apple phone (ergo all phone clients will never be 'equal').

    Did I misunderstand?

    Doesn't the iphone use the apple cloud more for its apps then the web?  Kind of where Apple products distinguish themselves in the market because they are the only ones that work with the Apple cloud. ( more a question than a statement ). I was reading in the WSJ that Apple wants to be a Netflix. Where I guess iPhones would the be only phones that would access the Apple Netflix like service.

    But the Microsoft cloud platform would have to be open to succeed. And if Microsoft provide its own Netflix like video on demand service it would have to be open to all mobile devices.


  • New CEO Intro

    @Ian2: how does windows phone distinguish itself as a client to the "cloud platform"?  If the cloud platform is open then all phone clients are equal. Meaning there is no point in having a phone with a different OS than the vast majority of other phones. I think windows phone is history.