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Steve  Richter SteveRichter
  • Jury: Google allowed to use Java APIs in Android

    Google and Facebook are tremendous assets of the democrat party. . Not so much in terms of the news and search results they show the public. But the real time analysis they are able to do to determine what the public is talking about and reading.  No way the politicians would allow the courts to rule against them.

    Think of the billions of email messages sent via GMail.  Google obviously scans those messages to see how many are favorable to one candidate or a policy position. What would more accurately predict an election? What millions are posting and reading on facebook? Or what a tiny sample tell a pollster? 

    I do not know if they sell this knowledge regardless of the politics of the buyer. But clearly the big internet companies favor open border democrats. And they are going to help democrats in every way they can.


  • MS selling feature phone business

    , Ray7 wrote

    This has got to rate as one of the most noteworthy management fiascos of all time. In years to come, Harvard will be making case studies out of this.

    what will the conclusion be?  That management should use the product that it is selling?  ( just guessing that MSFT employees were not windows phone users )


  • Acer Jade Primo

    Why did Microsoft never follow the approach that brought them great success with MS-DOS and Windows?  That is, market a phone OS that the end user purchases as a standalone product and which runs on as many phone devices as possible.

  • OneDrive problems

    , AndyC wrote

    You write your code on your laptop, save it to OneDrive and have turned on the "Don't shut down till my files are synced" setting. .....

    Honestly using something like VS Online (which is free) or GitHub (also free) is just a better solution for the problem, precisely because it's purpose built to solve that problem.

    One Drive works reliably on my windows 7 PC.  Just rebuilt a solution and the message in the system tray said 20 meg of data was being uploaded. That upload completed in 30 seconds. Code changes are synced in 5 seconds.  Having One Drive interrupt a system shutdown is important in that it alerts me to a network problem.  Or more realistically that One Drive is yet again not working properly.


    I am a bit suspicious that MSFT does not want One Drive to be used for anything but online backup.  Its primary purpose being a drop box killer. And that it is better to get users using targeted and larger infrastructure systems instead of simple, general purpose tools.



  • OneDrive problems


    my main point is that onedrive does not work reliably. It gets stuck on my windows 10 laptop. Maybe because it uses WIFI. ( but web browsing works fine. )

    I ask on microsoft answers and the response is to /reset and unlink and link again.   But the product does not tell the user where it is stuck. Or why.  This has been occurring for a number of years. I do not follow why MSFT does not fix the problem. 

    But yeah, I configured my install to sync a folder to the cloud.   The cloud and my PCs are now one entity as far as I am concerned.  If I shutdown a PC and the sync is not complete that leaves my system ( the cloud and connected PCs ) in an unsteady state. So definitely I want to be told and have the option to correct things.



  • OneDrive problems

    This does not seem like a good idea.


    why not?   If onedrive worked correctly it would be a rare event to delay shutdown.  I am thinking something like what the system does when it sends shutdown messages to active windows.


  • OneDrive problems

    @Proton2:  I will check on Git.  I think I am ok.  Just have to check the onedrive web site to make sure that changes have been uploaded. 

  • OneDrive problems

    I can't say that OneDrive is terrible in that it works 95% of the time. But just today I made some code changes at home, go to my office and half the code changes are not applied.  I am kind of afraid of the product. I do not understand why a windows 10 PC cannot delay shutdown until all changes have been written up to onedrive. 

    Any recommendations of an alternative to OneDrive  that works reliably?


  • Edge Browser Problem

    Does Edge still not allow ad blockers?


  • More Edge annoyances

    there are no ad blockers available for Edge.  You cannot use a browser on the current day internet without an ad blocker.