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Steve  Richter SteveRichter
  • AMA thread by former zynga programmer

    I like the AMA threads on reddit a lot. Would be really neat if microsoft hosted AMAs of its own. Here is one by a former zynga programmer who gives very frank answers.


  • Awesome, Debugger Canvas

    this is not very difficult to do. In a visual studio addin you code an DebuggerEvents.OnEnterBreakMode event handler.

                _debugEvents = _applicationObject.Events.DebuggerEvents;
                _debugEvents.OnEnterBreakMode +=
                new _dispDebuggerEvents_OnEnterBreakModeEventHandler(BreakHandler);

    Your addin creates a ToolWindow that hosts a WPF user control ( which in turn contains a Canvas ).

    The OnEnterBreakMode event handler accesses the Debugger.CurrentStackFrame from the DTE2 application object:

          var sf = _applicationObject.Debugger.CurrentStackFrame;

    From the StackFrame you get a collection of Expression from the Arguments and Locals collections:

          foreach (var item in sf.Locals)
            if (item is EnvDTE.Expression)
              var exprItem = item as EnvDTE.Expression;

    Hooking up to the code on the call stack I assume is done with Project Roslyn.

    Working with the values of the variables is a bit limited in my experience. The Expression object.Value property only returns the ToString( ) contents of an object and its members.



  • HP to open source WebOS

    , Bass wrote


    Is Microsoft planning to open source Silverlight?

    I am a desktop programmer. I have no idea.

    Do the current generation of tablets and phones have the processing power to run silverlight? MSFT appears very slow in getting into the handheld device app game. Is that because the C#/XAML compiled code that runs on a windows phone device does not get enough CPU and memory to run properly on other handheld devices?


  • HP to open source WebOS


    Just make it so I can code an app in the OS using XAML and C#.


  • Windows 8 Challenged

    , Minh wrote

    @SteveRichter, what makes you say that about WP?

    the Galaxy Note is a phone as well as a tablet:

    If it is 100% going to run Windows 8, then Windows 8 has to have a phone OS, no?


  • Windows 8 Challenged

    , cbae wrote


    Chances of Windows 8 ARM ending up on that device: 100%

    Does that mean Windows 8 will have Windows Phone built into the OS?


  • Broken ARM for Windows 8?


    I think the prohibition on desktop apps has to do with security. Desktop apps are too prone to viruses.


  • Major vendors ready to concede the tablet wars?

    , evildictait​or wrote


    No. Windows7 will not work on IPad hardware because IPads use an ARM processor.

    What is so hard for Microsoft to get windows to run on an ARM processor? I assume ARM has more power than the hardware that ran windows XP PCs. For a company that is all about software, Microsoft seems very slow getting its operating systems to work on the hardware on the market today.  Back in the day Microsoft had great success marketing DOS and BASIC that ran on generic hardware. Now we have windows phone 7 that only runs on a few phones. And desktop windows that does not run on ARM devices.


  • Major vendors ready to concede the tablet wars?

    Would windows 7 be able to run on iPad hardware?  I don't understand why Apple has the iPad to market and there is no windows equivalent.


  • New Phone maybe Windows Phone 7

    , ManipUni wrote

    From what I've read they have given Nokia "special" access to the system to develop apps, just that entire concept that different manufacturers get different app access to their own hardware scares me. The fact that the emulator is useless scares me. The fact that it is $99 to run your own apps scares me. The fact that it was and is impossible to develop a IM-like application without having Microsoft hardcode it into the OS its self scares me. WP7 might never take off because Microsoft created an anti-developer platform. They hate developers. I'm skipping. 

    the $99 fee has stopped me from writing a WP7 app. And I still do not understand why a Windows Mobile like OS and  the .NET framework is not available for any phone that can run Android.