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Steve  Richter SteveRichter
  • it looks like the WPF team still exists, after all


    Are they going to make it easier to create a bulleted list in WPF/Silverlght?


  • Windows Mobile 7 Launch - October 11th NYC

    , Bass wrote



    Because it's a inferior, second rate operating system that can barely compete with iPhoneOS 1.0? ...

    windows did not take off until release 3.  What is it about a phone OS and hardware that prevented Microsoft from improving WM instead of scrapping it?

  • Windows Mobile 7 Launch - October 11th NYC

    I don't understand why a version of windows mobile does not run on every phone.

  • Internet Eyes

    or with more data available, there are more chances to prove your innocence. The key to getting the duke rape case charges dismissed and disproven were the recordings made at the ATM showing one of the accused far from the location the government prosecutor said he was at.



  • Has there been a negative video about MS on C9?

    ,PaoloM wrote

    Well, if you don't know enough about it, how can you tell it was a flop?

    And since when you have been able to run different OSs on mobile phones? (except for acts of extreme hacking, that count for what amounts to statistical noise)

    If a phone runs android, does that mean it is open to pretty much any OS being loaded on it? That is one of my assumptions.  Why discontinue windows mobile as a competitor to android?

    Regarding my lack of knowledge about windows mobile, I get all my tech info from C9 and MSDN <g>. I have a windows mobile phone. Can it connect to a wireless router as an IP device on a LAN? That would be neat if I could network to my phone from my PC, send code to it that I wrote using visual studio, exchange data between the devices.





  • Has there been a negative video about MS on C9?

    ,Minh wrote


    And we used to get those when Scoble was here... not so much anymore... The message has been sanitized these days I think



    I liked that guy who would not shake hands because of some germ thing.  He was technical and was willing to ask probing questions.




  • Has there been a negative video about MS on C9?

    ,Bas wrote

    @SteveRichter: how was Windows Mobile a flop? It certainly wasn't a flop commercially.

    I don't know enough about it. As I understand, windows mobile is being withdrawn?  Can we say the average handheld phone sold today has more computing power than the first PC?  Yet you cannot run a Microsoft OS on many of these phones?  If a phone runs android, could I, should I be able to load windows mobile?  

  • viewership numbers

    I would like to see viewership numbers displayed for each video on channel 9.  Also, how much people stay tuned in vs exit early.  Some of the stuff I am inclined not to watch ( ping ) or once I stop understanding the presentation ( monads, F# ) I stop watching. If I can see that others stayed with it, I might give a video a 2nd try.

  • Has there been a negative video about MS on C9?

    ,Maddus Mattus wrote

    Channel9 is about technology (mostly Microsoft's), so how can any video be negative?

    And what's more, what is the point?


    What about a video explaining why windows mobile was a flop? And what that portends for WP7?


  • Silverlight / HTML5 (and WPF)

    the problem I have with WPF, silverlight and likely WP7 is that I can't program the stuff without a total focus of my time.  As long as Anders does not allow them in as first class citizens of C# ( guessing ), dependency properties are not intutitive to use.