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Steve  Richter SteveRichter
  • Has there been a negative video about MS on C9?

    ,Maddus Mattus wrote

    Channel9 is about technology (mostly Microsoft's), so how can any video be negative?

    And what's more, what is the point?


    What about a video explaining why windows mobile was a flop? And what that portends for WP7?


  • Silverlight / HTML5 (and WPF)

    the problem I have with WPF, silverlight and likely WP7 is that I can't program the stuff without a total focus of my time.  As long as Anders does not allow them in as first class citizens of C# ( guessing ), dependency properties are not intutitive to use.

  • Personal feedback on Office 2010

    I like Word the more I use it. The table of contents works pretty good.  Who is the genius in the office division who thought up the idea of automatically linking heading 1, 2 and 3 with the TOC?  A great feature.  With LiveSync and SkyDrive I use Word now instead of google documents. But google docs does a better job of managing your collection of documents. Esp being able to search all of the documents for something.

    Access is the product I just cannot get the hang of. Learning WPF was easier. Without the people on Microsoft Answers I would be totally lost. I keep thinking it would be a good addition to my freelance work to be able to write an Access app in a day or so. I will keep dreaming.  I never finished Moby Dick so I can't use that analogy here, but learning Access is fast becoming a matter of personal professional pride for me.



  • Azure One Month Pass - No Credit Card Required

    Is there an open source cloud OS being developed?  I can't see locking myself into both a hosting site and a proprietary OS. How do you pick up your application and run it elsewhere?

  • small business server

    DCMonkey said:

    What features of Sharepoint do your clients need? Sharepoint Foundation 2010 is a free download for Windows Server 2008.




    thanks for the link. Looks like sharepoint foundation does not support access 2010:


  • small business server

    I hope there is an upcoming video on small business server.  There is so much I don't know.  After seeing the access and sharepoint videos I was interested in learning how to use  that software. But then I saw the standalone price of sharepoint and kind of said forget about it. The business clients I want to target can't afford that. Then it is like, oh, small business server, that includes sharepoint and it is affordable. But SBS uses an older version of sharepoint?  The latest news I have is from the SBS team blog, they say aurora is the new SBS and it was released in mid July for some sort of beta tryout. But a few minutes of link clicking did not get me to a download. 

    Will sharepoint 2010 be a part of the next SBS?

  • Windows Phone 7 first in EUROPE!!!!!!

    natelawrence said:
    SteveRichter said:

    @SteveRichter, many apologies for my newbie reply, but you do write WP7 apps in Silverlight, don't you? And isn't coding in .net one of the big selling points of Silverlight? I realise that it's a subset, but it sounds to me like you're already talking about beginning with a subset and branching out as features warrant it.


    What am I missing? Please, try not to flame me.

    I have written silverlight and wpf apps. No WP7 and no mobile apps. I understand WP7 is locked down software wise and has a lot of hardware requirements in order to provide the user with a consistent experience.   But why limit .net to yet to be announced high feature phones?  Just curious about the subject.  Why did windows mobile lose so much market share?   I would think there would be a market for a standalone phone OS that could be loaded on any phone with enough memory.


  • Windows Phone 7 first in EUROPE!!!!!!

    I don't follow why windows mobile had to be scrapped. Give me a hand held device that runs the .net framework. As hardware capabilities are added to the device, add classes to the framework that provide access to that hardware. 

  • WSJ article on privacy features of IE

    Major front page article in the WSJ this monday saying MSFT marketing execs quashed efforts by the IE team to better enable browser privacy.


    I hope channel 9 puts out a video explaining the MSFT position on this issue.    It seems easy enough for a user to be able to opt in on a site by site basis to store cookies in their browser.  Cookies, I assume, are useful to maintain session state. But once you navigate away from a site, what user benefiting reason is there to keep a cookie on the browser? Is a cookie the only way to cache a user name and password?

  • What do you want to know?

    What about C9 staking out some independence from corporate and being an advocate for developers? I am actually getting down on MSFT lately. It takes way too much time to deal with things that just don't work.


    Some parts of Access 2010 are really hard to learn. The forms designer is brutal.  There is a minimum of intellisense in the embedded/prompted macro language that Access uses as an alternative to VBA.  All of Office 2010 is still so 1980s with it reliance on VBA.  C9 tells me Sharepoint is great, great, great. Then I find out I have to upgrade my server to 8GB of RAM and a sharepoint license costs a huge amount of money. ( min $5K ).   Come on, C9, be an advocate for managed code in Office!

    WCF can be very hard to troubleshoot. The VS wizards create all this code for you, which is great. But when problems occur, like size limits imposed by IIS, and it can take a lot of concentration and slogging thru the wizard created code to get the solution.


    The SQL server I installed as part of my MSDN subscription last year decided to shut itself down. Trial period ended. Go to MSDN forums, 20 minutes of solid work searching for an answer, then composing a question. Wait a few hours, told to do an edition upgrade.  Download and install the upgrade. Install fails, some sort of authority error. But I am running as admin on the server. Research, post question on the forum, find out about this and that, run as admin using a command line script, still fails.  Post more questions, wait, wait, wait, my test data is locked up in the expired sql server, days are going by. I am learning about how to recover by databases from the DATA folder, the many ways to install sql server, the different security accounts and where the error logs are. All great to know, but so time consuming and what does this have to do with writing software applications?  After a few days of this, I still don't have the problem solved. I place an MSDN support incident call.  The support techs can't work out the problem. More than a few hour long sessions with the tech taking remote control of my system. Capturing huge process explorer trace logs.  I can understand there being a bug in sql server. But how can server 2008 R2 and sql server not have facilities built in that allow better troubleshooting?

    One last mini rant. How can it be that a.) a visual studio add-in is still really hard to write ( just look at the code the wizard creates when you create an addin project ) and b.) you still can't enumerate all the commands and command bars of the VS2010 IDE? http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/vsx/thread/90cd3c1b-0057-45ed-a072-bc32703872c8  Not very important of course. But didn't C9 just spend the last 6 months broadcasting video after video about the totally rewritten visual studio 2010? Sure, DSLs are great ( based on what C9 tells me ), but why is it still so much work to add code generating components to VS2010?  And where is the access that an addin developer needs to the CodeDOM for use in generating code? I don't think VS2010 introduced any more features on this front.  VS is great at compiling your project on the fly. But the addin developer can't get at what is likely a wealth of data about the code of a project.