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Steve  Richter SteveRichter
  • Old Tech

    outside of the scope of windows, half of my time is spent coding RPG on an IBM AS400.

  • is it IE or GMail that is forcing me to use Chrome?

    I use two gmail accounts during the day. And I want them both open in separate windows.

    I login to the first in IE (on windows 8 ). Then for the 2nd I start up Chrome and login to the 2nd account. IE caches the login for the first account. And Chrome caches it for the 2nd. When I login to the 2nd account in IE I get a popup message in the 1st account saying I have been logged out.

    Is the reason because IE can only cache one password at a time?  Is it possible to start a 2nd instance of IE with a 2nd password cache store?

    The 2nd reason I have to use Chrome in Windows 8 is because videos play more reliably in Chrome than IE. This site http://www.mediaite.com/ is especially problematic in windows 8.  In 8.1 it works.  But even on 8.1 I find that whenever a video does not play I switch to Chrome and it does play. 

    And last week I found that I could not config my router from IE on windows 8.1. The tech told me to switch to Chrome and it worked.



  • Jon DeVaan leaving Microsoft

    The article quotes Sinofsky saying Devaan talked him out of using a GC for Excel. Was DeVaan the main opponent of  using .NET within the windows OS? Is he responsible for the renewed focus on C++ over C#?


  • Bill Gates secret Reddit Santa

    , cbae wrote


    Are you trying to say that helping out the impoverished nations that have unsustainably high birth rates is merely "adding fuel to the fire"?

    Yes.  In total, all the help hurts. Think of it this way.  Life in the industrialized countries is much better than it was 500 years ago. Can we say the same for those who live in many other places in the world? I do not think so.


  • Bill Gates secret Reddit Santa

    , Richard.Hein wrote

    @11101110: Bill has been working to promote that charity in many ways this year. What have you done for the world's poorest you miserable hypocrite?

    I do not see Bill's involvement in foreign societies as completely benign and benevolent. Not that he is trying to do harm but the population of the nations he helps are growing unsustainably. And the political pressure Bill and other tech leaders apply to support open borders immigration policies arguably cause a brain drain in poor countries. I think a good case can be made that if nations were left to develop on their own that they would be better off in the long run.

    Keep in mind, the prime directive was written for a reason.



  • Why do people want Microsoft to dump Bing and sell XBox?

    , PaoloM wrote

    Really? "I don't know anything about it but I'm against it?" Sad

    I know enough to ask the question. Are there features in Azure that would be good to have in Windows Server?  If there are, why support the corporate financial policy that blocks their implementation?


  • Why do people want Microsoft to dump Bing and sell XBox?

    , kettch wrote

    @SteveRichter: Azure and Windows are in a symbiotic and very much mutually beneficial relationship. Even though there's a lot of custom glue, Azure is Windows at it's core. The needs of Azure drive improvements in Windows itself.

    Admittedly I do not know enough about it but I am anti Azure. I think Windows Server should have all the features of Azure built into it. That is a shop should be able to run its own Azure service. So I figure if Microsoft spun Azure off then Windows Server would be free to compete against it.


  • Why do people want Microsoft to dump Bing and sell XBox?


    What about spinning Azure off as a standalone company? What synergy is there between Windows and Azure?


  • Why do people want Microsoft to dump Bing and sell XBox?

    , giovanni wrote

    Plus it is good for consumers that there is some competition to Google search and iTunes...

    it is not like Bing would cease to exist. Would just have a different corporate ownership.

    Think of it from the perspective of the owners of Microsoft, the large shareholders. If Bing is sold to another corporation that these owners also have a large stake in what is the difference to them? They still own both the MSFT OS company and the Bing search company. And the Bing company now has a management team that is entirely focused and accountable to Bing.

    Arguably this is also good for users in that their Windows OS now can be more search agnostic. Would be terrific if Bing was not favored in the users choice of search engine. Bing is too ad laden and not focused enough on the actual search to be something I prefer to use.


  • are these touch screens running metro apps?

    the very large touch screen workstations in this video, are they running windows metro apps?