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  • Prism v2 - Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight

    One more thing I am curious is there a recommend method for handling dialogs in PRISM applications.  I like the idea of keeping screens modular and I am curious what your recommendatioins are here.  Keep in mind the application is primary WPF with possibility of SilverLight later.
  • Prism v2 - Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight

    First of all,  I would like to thank you for these vides - these videos are much more easlier to learn than the CAB libraries and your tutorials here make it quite easy to learn.

    What I would like to see is similar tutorials using Expression Blend 2/3 in conjunction with PRISM setup.  This is what I am interested in enterrprise applications at work.  What would be interested is steps in making a PRISM based User interface from ground up using Blend that once done could be handled off to staff of Services API developers to developed the services behind the scene.  Ideally it would be nice if all interface development on client side will be done in Blend and API done using Visual Studio 2008.

    I am also be interested if anything in Prism will allow the modules to be in seperate domains - this is so if one screen in application. crashes it does not crash the reset of applications.  This may not be the intent of PRISM.  Is it invision to have multiple application using same shell - or should each application have its own shell.

    Also on a older designed system, I am wounder from the PRISM folks if there is any plans for tutorial for migrating the older Winforms CAB applications to PRISM - it would be nice to have this out there also for our needs.

    I recently made a prototype for the project  I am working that is based on FamilyShow source, which I believe is very similar to MVVM stuff and planning on going back through the prototype with PRISM concepts - but ideal I would like Expression Blend for designing the UI parts of projects.

    Another concern that I have with projects is sperating the User Interface from the services in the solution.  Any thoughts on your designed people on this side would also be useful.

    Anyway thanks for tutorial and keep it coming