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Stilgar Stilgar

Niner since 2009

  • Looking Ahead to C# 7 with Mads Torgersen

    @MadsTorgensen So you think the nullable reference may be useful without the non-nullable part? It always seemed to me that it would be useless without it but I never gave it much thought. I do read the design notes from time to time and occasionally comment on them. The nullability tracking ones always scared me. The psychological aspect of declaring all code out there legacy even with a compiler flag is just too much. Now Roslyn analyzer is certainly less intrusive and may be a good idea but still would you put it in new projects by default? If you do it is not much different from a compiler flag, if you don't will people use it enough to justify the investment in this feature and the introduction of nullable reference types? And again what about all the courses and tutorials? I notice people in discussions about new features easily dismiss that last part. I think it is really serious since C# is already been criticized for becoming too large and complex and hard on beginners and for the long-term survival of the platform the community should not lose new members to stuff like Node and Go. Frustrating newcomers is not a non-issue.

  • Looking Ahead to C# 7 with Mads Torgersen

    The null checking is quite scary to me. The ! idea is sound but it is disgusting on syntax. The idea to make the default non-null would be cool if this was C# 1.0 but not now. You have to either skip some warnings, spit a lot of warnings or add a flag for old code. Option 1 is confusing for the user because he won't know when he can depend on the compiler to check the nulls. Option 2 is directly bad since warnings are not much different from introducing an error and that amount of warnings is just insane. Option 3 is bad because it turns perfectly fine code into legacy code in 1 second when C# 7.0 is released. I know I'd be quite annoyed by the feeling of guilt you will bring upon me. And what about all the learning materials out there? Suddenly newcomers can't even compile that code. I'd rather not have any null checking feature than have any of the current options.

    BTW pattern matching and tuple/record syntax have been my top requests for C# since C# 5.0. I am glad they are coming.

  • Roaming Extension Manager

    Dropbox? Are you serious? Ballmer would have never let this unpunished! You would be uploading "I will only use OneDrive" to OneDrive a hundred times like a modern day Bart Simpson.

  • 5 Things about ASP.NET 5 that will Blow your Mind!

    The content negotiation hack for Chrome looks like a stupid idea. A lot of poor souls are gonna spend hours debugging why their content negotiation doesn't work as expected.

  • ASP.NET 5 for .NET Framework & .NET Core

    The best part of this video is the thumbnail. Looks like Damian is singing :)

  • Web Forms 4.6

    Glad to see new features coming to Web Forms. The only thing I am sad about not getting is the new save & refresh development model that is introduced in ASP.NET vNext. It would be really cool if you can somehow make it happen.

  • IL Support Extension v2.0

    Yeah I know about ildasm and I use it but I kind of wish that I could right click on a class and see the code in Visual Studio probably with highlighting, goto definition, goto jump label, etc.

  • IL Support Extension v2.0

    Is there IL deassembly feature that allows to easily see the IL of a method in VS?

  • ASP.NET Today and Tomorrow (Keynote)

    Aren't you worried that breaking compatibility like this may result in problems with people not moving to the new platform? Python 3 broke backward compatibility and 6 years later Python 2 is still more widely used.

  • Duality and the End of Reactive

    I have never seen Erik throw around f-bombs before. Was he careful not to do this before because he was at MS? I must say I enjoy this Erik even more.

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