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Stilgar Stilgar
  • There is no Office 13 - But Why?

    I'm disappointed that a technology company will go for such superstition. However MS got cliens whose iintelligence might be questionable and may skip office 13.

  • IE9 at MIX10

    While we are on the topic of hating IE I'd like to add a few things.


    First stop ignoring obvious questions. If you don't have Canvas and Video say it. We're web developers and not end users. We don't buy marketing bullshit.


    IE8 renderer was generally fine and close to what other browsers render. Compatibility mode was a good idea but...


    1. Has anyone else noticed the EXTREME lag when typing in a text area on a page with a lot of HTML elements. Facebook had that problem before they switched back to IE7 compatibility where the text area works fine. How is that you can miss a laggy text area when testing? How is that it works fine in IE6 and IE7. Will it be fixed in IE9? I care about this much more than JS speed.


    2. What's with the moving html elements? Sometimes things get rendered on top of each other and when you select them they suddenly go on their right places? Do you do rendering while processing the HTML and then forget to fix the positions when the next element renders? Will it be fixed in IE9?


    I want to point out that I'm not part of the IE hate crew. I use IE as an end user, I like the new features like web slices and accelerators, I use them and implemented them for my site but we got it. I don't need being told a thousand times about how cool web slices are. I need info on the problems!

  • IE9 at MIX10

    Will he say anything about Canvas and Video tag?

  • Help Desk - Pilot Episode (Now Available On Demand)

    Come on post the video already!


    I was waiting for the live broadcast but I fell asleep 30 minutes before it started:) (at 00:00 Bulgarian time)

  • TWC9: XAML tools, Silverlight for Live Writer, Surface SDK,

    Does anyone have any idea why the player just stops when I press the full screen button? It does not go full screen it just becomes black.

  • IE 9: Standards and Interoperability

    Web developers despise IE because of IE6. Web developers would despise Firefox too if anyone was using that old version of Firefox.

  • New MSDN Library views

    Just remove the REALLY annoying "Switch view" button!

  • Noah Coad: An Overview of Visual Studio Express 2010

    I personally don't have an MSDN subscription but the company I work for has. But then there are all these people whose daytime job is lets say Java and they are interested in .NET. It's not about me (although I do use Express at home) it's about having a free version of Visual Studio because everyone else has free version and frankly VS Express is not good enough to compete with other free versions. No matter what and how many programs MS has like Dreamspark to most devs out there it is as simple as "what is the free version of VS". And right now the answer is Express. Nobody wants to read licenses and eligibility and all that legal crap. People just want to download the free stuff like they do with every other IDE product. They don't want to talk to the school administrator and ask him to enlist the school in the program. They don't want to use the company MSDN subscription (I don't). No matter who MS is targeting Express at the end result is that it is the free version of VS.

  • Noah Coad: An Overview of Visual Studio Express 2010

    So basically you are saying that I'm right but I can use non-MS products to work around the fact that MS has not included unit testing with Express?

  • Noah Coad: An Overview of Visual Studio Express 2010

    I believe Microsoft is really missing or deliberately ignoring the way the community thinks about Express. For the community VS Express is not only the version you use to try out Visual Studio but also the only free version of Visual Studio. In many cases Express is the version that competes with other product like Eclipse which are free. Express is what I use for my pet projects at home and I do not qualify for Dreamspark or Bizspark and I believe this is the case with many devs. I believe with IntelliJ IDEA introducing a free version there is no popular IDE that doesn't have production ready free version except Visual Studio.


    And in the light of all that - two words: Unit Testing?!?!?!