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  • DEV283 - The New Team Explorer

    Thanks - just learned 15 new things. Any chance they will go to a color version some day?

  • Screencast - Creating Your First WCF Service

    Quick, concise and accurate. Learned a lot, thanks.

    Couple of differences noted while doing this in the VS 2012 RC.
        1) Starting project was "WCF Service Application"
        2) You can keep the data section separate but don't try to start the IEvalService or EvalService files using a class. Add the ""WCF Service" instead and you will get both.
        3) The App.Config portion can be skipped.

    F5 and the WCF Test Client runs just fine.


     UPDATE: Apparently later videos depend upon this project being a "WCF Library" so you may want to go that route. In that case you will need to play with the app.config as stated. I did it both ways in VS2012 - works as advertised.