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  • Raja Krishnaswamy and Vance Morrison: CLR 4 - Inside Type Equivalence

    Raja and Vance: you guys rock. I'm thinking, when being first exposed to these new concepts, if I should be approaching from the point of WF and WCF. Any suggestions? I'm an old time developer going back to 1975 with Unix and since then, always with Microsoft. Given a recent sabatical (7 years out of the loop based on a hardship disability), it's a gift that you share freely your perceptions. Thank you.

    Jesse (Rich McGlynn) [a stone]

    P.S. I've been busy though, those 7 years, shown by musical composition mine found at I bet that quite a few members of the Mircosoft team are musicians. Set up a web site: The Microsoft Musicians Perform (MMP a new model). Cool!