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  • (Episode 1) Windows 8: Enabling Flexible Workstyles

    I don;t get it.. How is this any more effective in an Enterprise environment? Home users, I can understand...but if you depend on getting things done for business..I think Windows 7 is still your answer. The reason I feel this way is because I find most people open multiple windows at the same time and switch between them or glance at multiple items on the desktop much more effectively in Windows 7 than Windows 8. I also do not feel that touch has it over Mouse and keyboard in ease of use. I see Windows 8 as a fit for Tablet, Phone and Xbox....but NOT Desktop or Laptop.

    Also...Why is there name calling on this thread? Are we 10 again? If someone has an opinion that is contrary to your own, is it not better to explain in a civil way your reasons for disagreeing with their point of view?  "You look dumb" or "You don;t get it" does not tell us why, or give any reason for your arguments.