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  • PDC05 Buzzcast #6 - Stuart Celarier on BOFs at PDC

    billh wrote:
    ...why allow pictures at all here, Stuart?

    Well, that's totally not my call — I just raised the issue. You've raised several more. There is a complex interplay of a couple of issue at work here. Some aspects are black-and-white, and others varying shades of gray.

    It's clear that there are people who feel strongly about the topic. So why not write a proposal for a Birds of a Feather session at PDC05 to discuss the topic?

    See you at the PDC!

    PDC'05 - Developer Powered
  • PDC05 Buzzcast #6 - Stuart Celarier on BOFs at PDC

    Loadsgood wrote:
    NeoTOM wrote: Stuart C? That uptight "OMFG STOP USING CALVIN & HOBBES STRIPS" guy?
    Stuart C is a disgrace to Microsoft for making Scoble delete that thread... Heck, there are threads about terrorism and threads with no meaning and he decides to delete a thread which has a joke on it? Heh.

    Yes, that's me. Nice of you kind folks to remember. Nope, I don't work for Microsoft. Nope, I can't make Robert Scoble do anything. I thought the issue was violation of a vigorously protected copyright and Channel 9's Code of Conduct, at least that's what Robert said. I'm sorry you took it so hard.

    For a slightly different perspective, here are a few of the things I've worked on lately.

    • INETA User Group Liaison, PacWest region
    • INETA Community Activities Division, member
    • Portland Code Camp v1.0, director
    • Portland Area .NET Users Group, active member
    • Birds of a Feather track chair, PDC 2005
    • Birds of a Feather track chair, Tech·Ed 2005
    • Editor, Longhorn Developer FAQ, Windows Forms FAQ, Compact Framework FAQ, Smart Client FAQ on MSDN
    I am passionate about software technology, its adoption by customers, its role in society, and the community of software developers that it creates. Obviously, since you read Channel 9, so are you. So come discuss what interests you about software at the Birds of a Feather sessions at PDC05. Propose a session, vote for your favorites, and attend the BoFs! I'll see you at the PDC.

    PDC'05 - Developer Powered
  • PDC05 Buzzcast #6 - Stuart Celarier on BOFs at PDC

    olene wrote:
    The PDC needs to be more like MacWorld expos.

    Cool comment, Olene, but I've never made it to a MacWorld Expo — and I'm sure the video clips I've seen don't do it justice. So help me understand what ways the PDC could be more like MacWorld and why. Thanks.
  • Bill Hill - There is only one space after a period

    Ambrose suggests that the font designers fix their fonts to match "the typing habits of the world". Say, Ambrose, have you ever looked at how a font is designed, structured and used? How would you propose changing all font technology to accomplish this?

  • Bill Hill - There is only one space after a period

    Way to go, Bill. Right on.

    I studied calligraphy and paleography in college (a blessed liberal arts education) and spent quite a bit of time with typography and type design. In a proportionally spaced font, the font designer has already allowed for the proper amount of whitespace after a period and before the next letter. Adding a second space utterly destroys the font designer's intentions.

    But don't just take our word for it. I am holding in my hand the names of 39 card carrying members of the ... whoops, sorry, wrong document. Let's try that again.

    I am holding in my hand Robert Bringhurst's elegant and indispensable tome "The Elements of Typographic Style," version 2.4 (Hartley & Marks, Publishers, 1992, 1996, 2001.) Quoting from the back cover, "Robert Bringhurst is one of North America's most highly regarded typographers and bood designers, as well as one of Canada's best-known poets. He has taught literature, art history and typographic history at several universities and held fellowships from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, and the Guggenheim Foundation." The book is also highly praised by two of the greatest legends in typographic and book arts today, Hermann Zapf and David R. Godine. In other words, Robert Bringhurst is eminently qualified, and knows of what he writes.

    On page 28, Mr. Bringhurst writes:

    2.1.4 Use a single word space between sentences.

    In the nineteenth century, which was a dark and inflationary age in typography and type design, many compositors were encouraged to stuff extra space between sentences. Generations of twentieth-century typists were then taught to do the same, by hitting the spacebar twice after each period. Your typing as well as your typesetting will benefit from unlearning this quaint Victorian habit. As a general rule, no more than a single space is required after a period, a colon or any other mark of punctuation. Larger spaces (e.g., en spaces) are themselves punctuation.

    End quote.

    I know you imprinted in Mrs. Barker in eighth grade typing class, and she insisted on the two-space rule. But she was wrong. Just a quaint Victorian habit. Sorry it didn't work out.

    Bravo, Bill. If this is the only thing that Channel 9 accomplishes, it will be worth it.
  • The 9 Guys - Who We Are

    Let me get this straight. You guys are getting paid to do this? Brilliant experiment.

    I am going to go buy some cough medicine right away. Rock on.

    Hmmm, what's this cool little "sealed" checkbox at the bottom of the Reply form? "Do not allow replies to this post." I'll have to give it a try. 3 - 2 - 1 - post!

    Uh, oh, there's a not-so-cool broken graphic "x" from checking the "sealed" box.